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I think is good for Insomniac …

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Comment posted EA: 360 release will double Insomniac’s sales by 30NIGHTCRAWLER30.

I think is good for Insomniac

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    I think is good for Insomniac

  • dirtyd89

    Either way I’m gonna get the game on PS3 like I do all multiplatform games so I don’t give a f*** either way.

  • TRF

    Of course it will sell well on the 360. Think about all of the PS2 owners who loved R&C but bought a 360 instead of a PS3. Those people will want a slice of Insomniac’s genius.

  • jubjub5721

    I dont care as long as they bring me Resistance 3!

  • Reigen

    if it helps them invest in futhure and hopefuly better games, than im ok with it

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