Either way I’m gonna get the game on …

Comment posted EA: 360 release will double Insomniac’s sales by dirtyd89.

Either way I’m gonna get the game on PS3 like I do all multiplatform games so I don’t give a f*** either way.

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  • Sony believes it’s responsible for cutting edge games
    Personally I think all 1st party devs in general on either platform have been taking risks to distinguish themselves from the competition.

    Though right now I’m noticing Sony are the ones really trying to push the industry forward followed closely behind by Nintendo.
    Microsoft however from what I’m seeing is just playing it safe and aren’t willing to take risks if it means a risk of gaining no profit.

  • Rockstar scales back E3 plans
    Guarantee you both Sony and Microsoft will show off Rock Star games at their respective conferences.
    Microsoft: Show off GTA V w/ timed exclusive DLC.
    Sony: Show off Agent and L.A Noire.
  • Pachter: Insomniac nuts for not going multiplatform
    Very simple.
    Media Molecule = Now owned by Sony.
    Insomniac Games = Independent Studio. (2nd Party Sony Studio)
    There’s a lot of reasons why so many companies are choosing to go Sony exclusive.
    Better hardware, more powerful, more support, more freedom, and unlike other devs Sony Computer Entertainment don’t rush out their games and they take the time to make the best possible games they can make.
    Also you get more noticed if your an exclusive game compared to being multiplatform because is waiting to see devs maximize the console their working on.
  • PS3 software sales outstrip Xbox 360’s: PS3 attach rate up to 8.1
    It Only Does Everything… including selling Software.
    Trey 4 Life!
  • Bungie could lead development on PlayStation 3
    As much as I want Bungie to make PS3 their lead platform for games I just don’t see it happening.
    Guarantee you Xbox 360 will be the lead platform and then it’ll be ported to PS3/PC.
    Nintendo Wii on the other hand would need to have it’s own build from the ground up to support that hardware and motion controls.

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  1. 30NIGHTCRAWLER30 June 1, 2010 @ 20:29

    I think is good for Insomniac

  2. Either way I’m gonna get the game on PS3 like I do all multiplatform games so I don’t give a f*** either way.

  3. Of course it will sell well on the 360. Think about all of the PS2 owners who loved R&C but bought a 360 instead of a PS3. Those people will want a slice of Insomniac’s genius.

  4. I dont care as long as they bring me Resistance 3!

  5. if it helps them invest in futhure and hopefuly better games, than im ok with it

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