EA: PlayStation 3 ‘on fire’

EA has spotted the PS3 resurgence, bringing exclusive content to the console for a number of its games. In fact the publisher thinks Sony’s console is ‘on fire’.

Not literally ‘on fire’ though – unless you’ve suffered the YLOD and have put your PS3’s motherboard in the oven to fix it (we don’t recommend or condone this action) – figuratively. EA’s COO John Schappert backs up the appearance of the publisher during Sony’s E3 press conference:

“Since Sony changed the PS3 form factor, rolled out the Kevin Butler marketing campaign, and launched some great content, the box is on fire,” he told IGN. “Now the problem is you haven’t been able to find it at retail, it’s been out of stock. But I think they’ll fix that soon.”

“We have high hopes on the PlayStation 3 this year. Again, we like them all, but PlayStation 3 is doing very strong right now.”

EA will release PS3 exclusive collectors editions for both Dead Space 2 and Medal of Honor. Schappert talks of the partnership:

“It was a great opportunity to work with Sony on genres that they were very interested in promoting for the PlayStation 3,” Schappert said. “We were able to make use of the Blu-ray disc with the larger storage space and add additional content on the disc without sacrificing anything from the core game.”

“We partner with Microsoft on a ton of products, but those are just two good opportunities we had with Sony that we wanted to highlight.”

And we expect the multiplatform exclusive content to continue.

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  1. I plan on buying so many multiplats on PS3 now.

  2. Thats the reason I am buying MoH on PS3, it comes with MoH1 and Frontlines. That is great.

  3. Just a quick question, APB comes out tomorrow right?

  4. I guess my ps3 was indeed on fire, lol.

  5. I will get Medal of Honor because of the campaign and Medal of Honor: Frontline remake. I heard the online isn’t that good (at least in the beta) and besides I don’t really like playing online.

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