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EA reveals New Epic Shooter; New Dragon Age; Sims 3 on Consoles

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EA’s latest fiscal results have prompted the publisher to release its list of upcoming titles, announced and otherwise. These include The Sims 3 on consoles, a new Epic shooter and a new Dragon Age from BioWare. Incidentally, Dragon Age: Origins has now sold 3.2 million units worldwide after releasing in the autumn of 2009.

Below you’ll find a screenshot of EA’s expected fiscal-2011 (from April 2010 to March 2011) releases, unearthing three Need for Speed games, no doubt including Criterion’s effort. You’ll also spot that Dead Space 2 won’t make 2010, alongside the new Dragon Age, a downloadable action title, and a new shooter from Epic.

We expect that the latter Epic video game is from their People Can Fly studio in Poland, since EA lists themselves as co-publishers. People Can Fly’s video game was previously announced as coming to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Dead Space 2 is for the first time listed for handhelds, though this time with the omission of the PC, despite being announced for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in December last year. This may be a mistake, so if we hear otherwise from EA we’ll let you know. You can find the rest of EA’s fiscal-2011 titles in the following clickable image. Also we can’t spot Mirror’s Edge 2…which is a damn shame.

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Comments (11)

  • Blackou7

    Nice, Crysis 2 is in Q3.

  • Prof. Paddy

    What if EA is publishing Gears 3? 😉

  • TheRighteousFascist

    No Mirror’s Edge 2? That’s the one I was most looking forward to seeing.

  • LastBoss

    Give me the Sims 3!!!

  • ARC-1300

    interesting sims on a console, count me in :)

  • Rokkafellah10

    Wow Crysis 2 Q3 and Dead Space on handheld?

  • Craz4life

    my hard drive would love me if sims 3 was on a console. Plus I’d get in more playtime 😀

  • xero135

    wow i never realized how many sports games ea puts out a year lol gosh its ridiculous

  • StarSpeed

    Its good that EA is bringing their popular Sim 3 game to the console, many console owners will love this game. Also, I think the new Dragon Age game is Dragon Age: Origins Awakening, which is an expansion to the original Dragon Age.

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