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Rockstar: Episodes from Liberty City coming to PlayStation 3

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In a move that proves that 50 million price tag was for nothing more than a timed exclusivity deal, Rockstar North has officially announced Episodes from Liberty City is coming to the PlayStation 3.

These two downloadable episodes for the highly reviewed Grand Theft Auto IV features 15+ hours of extended gameplay in the form of The Lost And The Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. Surprisingly enough, Sony can thank Microsoft for paying for this additional content and PlayStation 3 owners can now enjoy the content itself.

While I, personally, am not too excited for this addition, it’s great for those of you who have been waiting for this announcement over the course of the last year. Sure, it’s late, but who cares? It’s one less thing to miss out on, right?

The two downloadable episodes will be made available come March 30th and can be purchased separately.

You guys excited for this?

[UPDATE] – We’ve heard on the grape vine that the Episodes will be available on one Blu-ray disc for $40, or purchasable separately on the PlayStation Store for $20 each.

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Comments (17)

  • slimguy94

    not one bit


    I bought this 4 360 and sold it 4 days later it was just terrible.

  • SonyJunkie

    I heard they were better than the actual game. Especially Ballad of Gay Tony. Will probably pick them up.

  • gta_manic

    cant wait but anyone know the price tag for both?

  • Raptor

    I’m so glad Rockstar did this, but I hope they decide to release them on disc, as I prefer to own a copy on disc like the Xbox 360 version does.

  • Jonesoda

    Damn man, I am SOOO HAPPYY!!

  • matt

    i dont have to buy a 360 now thank you rockstar for doing this.

  • LastBoss

    No thanks, gt4 is old news.

  • Patrick Steen

    Aye, Gran Turismo 4 is old news.

  • Mopey

    Awesome news. Will be picking the disc copy up on release.

  • Rokkafellah10

    March 30th is release!

  • TheCodeNameisSnake

    I haven’t played the episodes yet,and think that this will boost some sales for the ps3 and for GTA,[not that Rockstar needs the money],but,people buying games is good for the industry,and maybe will tell people that some content can never stay exclusive to just one party.—ps Warning some ps3 content may explode when inserted into a Microsoft 360.If the the product emits sparks,smoke,or flashes 3 red lights,proceed to throw out the window and insert in the correct console.Formats include:Sony Ps3,Ps3 Slim

  • x-play

    Cool i guess. but agent will be better

  • chucho

    fuck this game

  • lordalucard

    I might look into this, I’ve heard that twp add-ons are better than the full game

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  • Dr. Moogle


    and damn them for making Noir multiplat!

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