Ex-Sony CEO: PS4 out in two to three years

The PlayStation 3 may only just be hitting its stride, but previous Sony Europe CEO David Reeves has claimed that its successor isn’t too far away. Whether he’s talking from insider knowledge, or simply winging it, is a matter of debate.

When asked about when he thought the PlayStation 4 and ‘Xbox 720’ would be out, Reeves (now Capcom Europe’s COO) told GamesIndustry.biz:

“Two to three years, I reckon so. I don’t have any inside information. All the first-parties have got to be working on something. The tricky thing is when do you put a stake in the ground on technology? That’s the problem. You can be waiting a few extra months to implement something, but you’ve got to set a date to go with a certain chip at a certain point otherwise you’re going to miss the key milestones.”

Ok, so he says he doesn’t have any insider information, but his prediction may not be too far off. Although Sony has touted a ten year life-span for the PS3 – like with the PS2 – there’s no reason why the next console can’t release during that lifespan. All Sony means by a ten year life span is that they’ll continue to support that console with content. 2012 may be a little early, but the end of 2013 is a good call for the PS4.

Reeves added that he sees PlayStation Move and 3D as a stop-gap before the release of the PS3’s successor:

“Capcom is definitely going to embrace it and just as the first-parties are doing, we see it [Move] as another blip before we come into the next cycle. 3D gaming is the same. Anything they can add to revive and pique interest in the games until we have another clash of the titans in two years time.”

When do you think the PS4 will release?

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  1. I would put my money on 2013-2014. I think that before the PS4 will be possible the PS3 needs to be profitable and it will take time before that happens.

  2. Three years from now would be the best way to go except that the world will end in 2012 so. . . . . .what’s the point?, lol xD

  3. Patrick Steen July 6, 2010 @ 16:25

    You have a point there – and maybe they’re connected. The PlayStation 4 is so powerful that it creates a rift in space and time and destroys the universe. XD

  4. I like 2012 as the system won’t have any games till 2013 XD

  5. I think 2013 is a little too early. Developers are constantly breaking boundaries with the PS3. If I were Sony, I wouldn’t put a PS4 onto the market until the PS3’s hardware capabilities were fully exploited by a large group of developers. Sony is introducing too much now for them to work on a new console.

  6. I think 2012, out with the old in with the new.

  7. meekgeeksortospeek July 6, 2010 @ 20:08

    look idk if they gonna release it this early its ok under one condition allow user hardware configuration like changin the ram manipulating here there just put the highest spec of hardwares ever (intel HYDRA tm core ¦) plus if theres something hard to break (development department ) let it be sooner than later and god bless all.

  8. Dunno… two to three years from now still seems a bit early doesn’t it? Then again, a whole wave of technology will probably be upgraded and developed by then. Going by the pace of technology these days its possible. PS3 still seems fresh and new to me, same with the 360. No need for new consoles that are greater than the ones in use. Maybe perhaps side consoles that are mainly focused for motion.3D gaming or something? I dunno.

  9. I agree Hero, does seem a bit early. Maybe Sony will do something a little different this time and make it a PS3 add-on, then again Sony is a bit smarter than Sega and Microsoft when it comes to that stuff, they have always made a system that does it all for it’s time in the tech world thankfully!

    Man Sega burnt my ass with Sega CD and 32X, promised so much did so little. 🙁

  10. my predictions are that sony will stay true to their tradition of releasing a console ewery 7 or so years
    so my gues is in 2014, for years from now

    same goes for microsofts xbox they will release it within 5 to 6 years after their previous console lanched, somewere in 2012

    and for nintendo its next year or the year after that

    i beliewe in this dates because thats where the curent consoles will slowly(or surely in nintendos case) begin to hawe insuficient hardware to produce games within the highest standard

  11. saladization July 7, 2010 @ 17:24

    i dont see how they could make a new system thats so much of an upgrade.like the ps2 to the ps3.
    i dont see how they could do anything ealce besides upgrade the harware. after seening screens gt5, its hard to see games looking alot better
    but with the way tecnology with tecnology getting better every day. i could be wrong

  12. The PS4 need a cheaper price point than the ps3. They should instead of 512mb of ram (256gddr3 x 256xdr)they should add 2gb (1gddr3 x 1 xdr)of ram make a 22nm of the Cell (keep the Cell to profit from it) sinse is such a beast and unlock that locked SPE for multitasking while gaming but this will be a PS3.5 and knowing sony they will bring their OWN NEW tech and prices will go out of the room. If the NGP can match PS3 graphically, the PS4 will be fking virtual reality with the Move in 1080p

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