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February NPD numbers aren’t too shabby

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Today the February 2010 NPD numbers were released and the end result was very successful for all three major platforms. While the Xbox 360 achieved something it hadn’t in years – toppling the Wii in sales – all three companies had a strong showing in general.

Of course, with the confirmed shortages of both PlayStation 3s and Nintendo Wii’s in North America, it’s not too hard to imagine why this may have occurred, but that isn’t something that should take away from the strong showing that Microsoft had in February. It’s good to see the industry striving as a whole and hopefully March is equally as strong.

PlayStation 2 101.9K
PlayStation 3 360.1K
PSP 133.4K
Xbox 360 422.0K
Wii 397.9K
Nintendo DS 613.2K

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Comments (15)

  • ReneidKlein

    Wasn’t Mass Effect 2 released in Feb?

  • Dr. Moogle

    @Reneid: ahh yes, thats whay its sold so much…..i forgot…

    but its interesting to see the PS2 selling so well! its sad to see the PSP sales so low tho :(

    and of course…the DS is still getting a staggering amount of sales….

  • Blackou7

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the DS sales grow even more in March. The new Pokemon games will be a huge hit.

  • Thorzilla

    Those numbers are awesome, but if Sony really want to take the lead in sales, they really need to up their game and start making more machines.

  • Dr. Moogle

    also, GoW3 should get some more sales in! almost forgot about that!

    looks like yakuza 3 didnt help too much with the sales 😀

  • TRF

    Shortage of PS3s and Wiis? Excuses, excuses.

  • VofEscaflowne

    My brother’s friend has been looking for a while lately to try and find a Wii and no luck at all. This is up in Canada and apparently shippings are VERY limited up here. Hopefully they can up production for both consoles soon because these coming months are packed with huge hits which is very scary for my wallet!

    I saw that Heavy Rain cracked the top 10 for game sales which is great news. I never thought I’d see the game do that well but reviews have been very positive and gamers seem to enjoy the heck out of it too.

  • Playstation MGS

    not bad, xbox actually sell these days nice lol

  • ARC-1300

    @ TRF 😆 i know ur joking

    anyways on topic, nice to see the 360 proving its worth again, especially being out in the market a year before any of the consoles. and will ds ever be stopped?

  • taus90

    well not bad for sony, PS3 is doing good, they are virtually printing money on PS2, PSP is worrying factor, but thats only in NA i believe

  • Chatham

    I still can’t believe the PS2 is selling 100K consoles a month still.

  • chucho

    shortages? get the fuck outta here.

  • WonsAuto

    If the Wii and DS had decently powered hardware, they’d surely band together and take over as our supreme overlords by now, right?

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  • Thien

    360 probably sold so much cause of
    Mass effect 2 and maybe there was more RROD happening in that month LOL.

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