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FFXIII 250GB Bundle Announced

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During Sony Computer Entertainment’s TGS Keynote Square-Enix Producer took the stage to make a special yet expected announcement. The announcement? Well to Coincide with the massively hyped and anticipated release of Final Fantasy XIII. Square-Enix and Sony have banded together to bring a Special Edition Playstation 3.

As some will recall a similar bundle was released earlier this year with The Blu-ray Edition of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete with a “Cloudy Black PS3″ complete with Cloud’s Fenrir sign. The Blu-Ray also contained the 2 hour demo of Final Fantasy XIII. The Special Edition PS3 will be of the Slim line edition with an impressive 250 GB HDD.
The color scheme will also be white and red, possibly a reference to the colour scheme of the game’s protagonist Lightening. The SE PS3 will also contain a copy of Final Fantasy XIII as well as a it’s own special White Dual Shock 3 controller. The bundle is currently priced at 41,600 Yen which converts to 455.00 USD. Both The Bundle and stand alone game are set to release this Dec.17.2009

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Comments (11)

  • MorbidGriever

    is it gonna be the japanese version of final fantasy Xlll? if so im not gonna get it,lol =D

  • michael

    it looks a lot better than the black one

  • Fuzia

    That… Is so… freaking… sexy!

  • Super Smash Bros. Fan

    That’s a lot of money for one game and a PS3. Won’t be getting the Final Fantasy XII bundle, but that doesn’t rule out me getting the game when it comes next year to North America.

  • Ekkusu

    Wow! That’s so awesome, I hope this bundle comes to America.

  • puruco47

    man I hate final fantasy that is for nerds, so complicate, I play videogames for relax and hobbie not for making me stress.

  • bigimpact

    lol puruco wtf do you play? Buzz? Flower?

  • Remahr

    o_o How many times must I curse my heritage? I WASN’T BORN IN JAPAN! STOP MAKING ME SAD! T^T

  • Tadin

    Wow this actually might make me buy another ps3

  • xero135

    i wish they would have brought this to america

  • xero135

    or a god of war 3 bundle with kratos artwork

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