Final Fantasy Dimensions Registered

With all the upcoming Final Fantasy titles in the works, you would think Square Enix would have a full plate. However, Siliconera found a new trademark registered to the developers. The trademark is Final Fantasy Dimensions.

Not much is known about the parameters of the trademark other than it is registered in Japan for use with video games and such media in Europe. As of now, Square Enix has yet to announce anything concerning Final Fantasy Dimensions. It makes since that we may not hear anything in the near future with Final Fantasy XIII-2 near release, Final Fantasy Versus XIII in development, and Final Fantasy Type-0 possibly working its way to North America.

So, how do you feel about another possible Final Fantasy side game?

Readers Comments (2)

  1. i dont feel that ecsited realy
    the only ff games i liked were 7 and 10

  2. This is a long shot but how about dimensions being a network related feature? What if the next FF games have some sort of network feature/online play?

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