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  • Gravity Rush Review
    This was the game I bought a Vita for and because of a stupid pushed back release date it landed itself onto shelves when gaming cash was scarce. I plan to pick this up soon. Abrupt endings aren’t necessarily bad if done right, like Sweeny Todd or Dr. Horrible. In any case, good review. I look forward to playing it one day soon.
  • Dragon’s Dogma Review
    He meant “bad” as in like Michael Jackson “Bad”. As in “cool/awesome/radical”. So bad game bad review translates to “Awesome game and an amazing review”.
  • Dragon’s Dogma Review
    Good article. I agree with pretty much everything you said. However, I haven’t beaten the game yet. I know you had to rush it to get the review up and many of my friends are burning through it, but I’m taking my sweet time. At around 55 hours into the game and haven’t even fought a Griffin or Drake yet (ran into a Griffin 3x and I can’t get one to land and fight me, even if I shoot it. I saw a Drake in teh forest and ran from it like the biggest sissy in history.)

    Seeing that Drake walking in the forest out of nowhere gave me the same feeling that seeing that Tigrex for the first time on that Popo quest in Monster Hunter 2nd G. It was one of those “THAT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!!”. I just feel I am too weak to fight one now though I am itching to do it anyway. If I hadn’t been so far from home with so many supplies I would have likely tried it.

    In any case, I can’t say if the ending is good or bad yet because I barely got anywhere in the main story so far. Will probably be 150+ hours before I get the plat and that’s just fine with me.

    The fanboy in me wants to give it a perfect score but it’s not perfect. B+ is a fair score, though I personally would probably score it a bit higher at this point. Time will tell if the ending makes me drop my rating like ME3 did.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Interview: Matt Cannon for JAM Live Music Arcade
    Nice review, Animal Man. Congrats on getting your first interview as well. I’m sure if the first of many. You guys make me want to pick this game up. Unfortunately, money is a bit tight right now and all my free gaming time is going towards Dogma, but I will keep my eye out for this and the Walking Dead game you guys reviewed as both have tickled my fancy.
  • Dragon’s Dogma Ur-Dragon mode revealed
    Sucks they are seeming to do this on launch day only as I will have to drive 20 minutes to my gamestop after work due to rush hour traffic. Then another 15-20 back home, eat, install the game, etc. It could be fairly late before I can even boot it up and then create a character if I don’t want to use the one from the demo. All that equals little to no time to fight said dragon. Having it only on launch day is super gay. I certainly hope that’s not the case.

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