Final Fantasy X will be a ‘remaster’ not a remake

Last year at the Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix announced a “remake” of Final Fantasy X for the PS Vita and the PS3. Though many took this wording literally, many others assumed that this would continue the trend of remastering classics in HD.

This seems to have been the proper way of thinking, as Square Enix’s Shinji Hashimoto has confirmed that the upcoming title will be a “remaster” instead of a full remake.

“It’s being developed as an HD Remaster, but the visuals will be much more beautiful than before,” he told GNN at the recent Taipei Game Show.

It is expected that many fans will be very disappointed since it was announced as a “remake” last year. However, an HD remastered version with highly advanced visuals is still something all fans of the original can look forward to, as well as fans who missed out on this classic the first time around.

[Source: Shack News]

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  1. I thought it a remaster from the beginning. Heck, it could be an exact port, not even up-resed and as long as it had trophies I would buy it.

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