Final Fantasy XI could have a PlayStation Vita Release

According to Square Enix’s Hiromichi Tanaka, Final Fantasy XI could come to the PlayStation Vita after the handheld launches later this year. Tanaka said to Famitsu (via Siliconera) that the company is seriously considering to develop a version of the popular MMORPG for the portable console. However, there are no plans of developing the game for the PlayStation 3, as according to the Japanese lead designer, it would be very difficult to port due to some hardware difficulties.

Final Fantasy XI was originally released in Japan for the PS2 and PC in 2002 and it was later on ported to the Xbox 360 in 2004. Maybe the fact that the company is porting this game once again makes more sense, as the repetitive nature of the MMO can actually be more appealing on a handheld.

In any way, we still don’t know the actual release date of the PS Vita or further details about Final Fantasy XI’s future on the portable console, so expect more news soon.