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Final Fantasy XIII-2 May Use Your Final Fantasy XIII Save

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BioWare introduced the idea of allowing your save file to carry over from character to character in order to introduce past decision making to influence situations taking place within the sequel. According to Famitsu magazine in Japan, Square-Enix is contemplating the same type of game design decision, but has not made a concrete decision.

The development team says they’d like to introduce a surprise to those players who have purchased and played both games, but give no indication as to what that surprise could ultimately be. The article also reveals that you can expect Final Fantasy XIII-2 to take a much darker path than the original and to prepare for an evolved battle system from its predecessor.

To be honest, it would be pretty cool if the save reward introduced character weapons of the past to be utilized in FFXIII-2. What would you guys like to see as a Save Reward?

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Comments (4)

  • Hero

    Should be interesting. Regardless I’m pumped to see whatever it is they’re doing with this.

  • Jinkinator

    Is the surprise that it won’t be shit this time? Because if not I won’t worry about keeping my data.

  • TRF

    This gives me a reason to go back and finish XIII since I ragequat about halfway through the game.

  • iFlashhbackz

    sounds good but not for me as my save was corrupt after 130hours play time 1k gamescore so unlucky for me

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