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Final Fantasy XIII: Seasons Appears on Square-Enix Release Schedule

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According to NowGamer, Square-Enix has added a new title to its release schedule in the United Kingdom for 2011 — Final Fantasy XIII: Seasons. Many gamers are unaware of what this could be and potentially, it could be a spin-off of Final Fantasy XIII or perhaps even downloadable content for the game since so much content had to be cut previously.

Currently, the only known titles expected this year under the Final Fantasy name are Final Fantasy XIII Versus and Final Fantasy XIII: Agito, which is scheduled to release for the PlayStation Portable.  Oddly enough, Agito does not appear on the release schedule here in the West, so it can be speculated that Seasons is the rebranding of Agito.

Regardless of how this plays out, you can expect more Final Fantasy disappointment in your life in the near future!

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Comments (6)

  • victorgodamnsullivan

    Can people shut up about Final Fantasy XIII being bad? Especially in an official article.

    • Jinkinator

      It’s not an ‘official article’, it’s his damn opinion. Also, it is bad.

  • Hero

    More FF13 is only a good thing for me.

  • TRF

    Final Fantasy XIII is a great game. I hope Seasons is a DLC or at least continues XIII in some way. I still need to finish it, though.

  • victorgodamnsullivan

    His opinion on Final Fantasy XIII isn’t needed in a news article about potential DLC or a completely new game is it? No offence Dean.

  • Reneid Klein

    It’s likely the half the game that was talked about being removed to fit on the 360. Way to make people spend double retail to get two halves of one game.

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