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Final Fantasy XIII sells 450,000 copies on day one

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According to VGChartz.com (take that for what you will), Final Fantasy XIII has had quite a strong debut in North America. Releasing yesterday on March 9th, 2010, it is believed to have sold 450,000 units on its first day.

While sales can’t be exact as of right now, VGChartz believes that the PlayStation 3 format sold nearly 2:1 in comparison to that of Microsoft’s. Estimated sales have the PlayStation 3 sitting at 290,000 sold and the 360 at 160,000. If these numbers are true, it’s a far cry of dominance that Aaron Greenberg claimed would take place last year when the two formats would go toe-to-toe.

There is an expected increase of 40-45% more sales throughout its first week, which should bring the weekly total up to 700,000. This would be an increase in overall performance in comparison to Final Fantasy XII.

Please note that VGChartz does not use an exact science for determining sales, but considering the preorder numbers that were available to all, these numbers do seem in line with how many copies did sell overall.

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Comments (21)

  • george

    very good!!
    i never realy understod this game is it like tekken or is it got a story line?

  • WonsAuto

    Though I’ve never taken vgchartz seriously, there’s obviously no reason to believe that FFXIII wouldn’t sell well, and I can’t think of anyone who said they would get this on 360 when they have a PS3.

  • VofEscaflowne


    It’s a RPG like other games but much MUCH faster paced. It reminds me of X-2’s battle system (hate on the game as you will, the battle system was amazing) along with X’s Sphere Grid leveling up system. You only control one character at a time even if your party is composed of three players, the other two being controlled by AI. While that sounds bad at first, it works actually well within the battle system. You still give them general commands and the one character you control will leave you with your hands full trying to stay on top of things. It’s a very exciting take on the whole turn based battle system and one that stands among the best I’ve ever played.

  • Nick

    The game sold 3 million copies in N.A. and EU (http://www.andriasang.com/e/blog/2010/03/10/ffxiii_five_million_shipped/). I guess VGChartz could be correct. We’ll have to wait ’til NPD day this Thursday to find out.

  • The Dean

    @Nick — It wouldn’t be in this week’s NPD, it would be in next months, wouldn’t it?

  • Nick

    Lol, right.

    Anyway, that’s 3 million copies sold, and VGChartz says only 450k were sold in N.A. That would leave 2.55 mill copies sold in EU. Interesting…

    • The Dean

      No it wouldn’t. They said they SHIPPED that many copies. Doesn’t mean they sold that many.

  • Nick

    Are shipped numbers usually more than a million off from sold?

  • Hozi

    Isn’t it Obvious that this game sold so many?…It’s FFXIII dude….I just can’t wait for Square enix to release FFXIII VERSUS.

  • TRF

    Barely anybody on my 360 friends list has this game, while almost all of my PS3 friends list has it.

  • Moocows111111

    “Barely anybody on my 360 friends list has this game, while almost all of my PS3 friends list has it.”

    Remember the article A day or so ago? FF13 is a Playstation title XD Besides most 360 gamers are FPS types anyways.
    Also Congrats to FF13 and with its hundreds upon thousands of copies sold XD

  • Chatham

    The only people who play FFXIII on 360 either pirated it, or have a display resolution so low they just got it for gamerscore on 360.

  • Chatham

    Oh, and 3 of my 360 fanboy friends bought PS3s just for FFXIII

  • Dr. Moogle

    meh, the staggering numbers are totally understandable….i actually thought they’d sell more than half a mill

  • Hulious777

    This game is a complete failure compared to other FF! Doesnt deserve the sales. EXTREMLY disappointed story wise and gameplay wise.

  • george

    thanks for explaining sound pretty good might get it.

  • Dr. Moogle

    meh, i wont be getting this 😀

    perhaps when it is 20 lol

  • Thorzilla

    That’s cool (if the number is right, which coming from VGChartz is doubtable).

  • Fatality

    Damn thats a hell of a ratio!”!!!! ff is a great game with no doubt.
    But im really disappointed about not being an exclusif :(

  • VofEscaflowne


    It is, and this is after 10+ hours of play time for me. The battle system just becomes much more fun once you unlock more skills, Paradigms and new ATB segments. It really is a blast and I wish some of the battles were longer. Any Final Fantasy fan should pick this one up. The negative opinions of the game were voiced so loudly and they really feel like a non issue at this point for me personally.


    Why are you disappointed? An exclusive title should not mean the player will have more fun with it. It’s simply reaching to a wider audience and with a title as huge as this one that does have a big appeal, it’s only normal to try and get more fans on board, right? A company has to survive afterall. We still get the superior version 😉

  • taus90

    some body should now ask Aaron Greenberg about his claim. I read on some other website that it was 3:1

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