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Final Fantasy XIII’s TGS 09 Trailer

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On Dec.17.2009 PS3 owners in Japan will be able to experience the long awaited Final Fantasy XIII. The first game in Square’s Fabula Nova Crystallis series. And in order to build up the hype meter for this game Square-Enix released the trailer showcased at TGS 2009 for public viewing.

The trailer shows off some of the plot, the gorgeous environments and of course the awesome battle system. Suffice to say the trailer makes the game look amazing and we can’t wait to sink our fangs in it.

Final Fantasy XIII will release in Japan this December exclusively on the Playstation 3. With a European and North American release in Spring 2010 for both the PS3 and Xbox 360. In the mean time sit back, relax and enjoy this awesome trailer.

(WARNING: Some Spoilers are shown)

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    awesome vid, i can’t wait for this and versus to come out.

  • 3lf3nl13d

    FF13 and Versus will be an unstopable combination

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