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First Metal Gear Solid Rising Gameplay Footage

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So E3 2010 is up and running, and the advantage of having the next Metal Gear on Xbox is that we can have a look at it during Microsoft’s keynote. Kojima Productions showed off Metal Gear Solid Rising during Microsoft’s keynote.

Starring Raiden, Kojima Productions’ next Metal Gear looks incredibly impressive. With destructible environments, Raiden is bringing Lighting Bolt Action to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 soon. Enjoy.

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Comments (6)

  • YuN9 5E5

    Looks pretty good so far. Can’t wait to see more

  • Dreamer_Lion

    Mmmh, interesting. He, It seems like you control de sword with the right stick ala Sons of Liberty.

    That “cut thruh anything” is quite impressive too. Looking forward to seeing more of this game.

    BTW, I just started chapter 5 on Peace Walker =)

  • VofEscaflowne

    Need to see more gameplay footage before getting excited. That didn’t really show much other than the cutting mechanics… while it’s impressive, I need to see how it’ll be used for actual gameplay instead of just looking cool.

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  • TheCodeNameisSnake

    I was literally in a shock while watching this,i kept on repeating,”aww fuck! aww fuck yea!!”

    Raiden you are looking more badass then Snake!

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