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First screenshots for Ninja Theory’s Enslaved

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Earlier today, Ninja Theory and Namco Bandai announced the development of their upcoming project together entitled, Enslaved. Both companies have been quick to the presses and five screenshots and one concept art has been released for the upcoming title.

We’ve included all 6 screenshots below.







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Comments (6)

  • topdoog1

    I AM PISSED OFF i want heavenly sword review that beautiful women again!

  • Chad

    Looks nice. She does look like the Heavenly Sword women.

  • yuzyk69

    nice very nice

  • crimsonTWIST

    Not bad, looks quite promising. We’ll see as time goes on.

  • kilekuma

    looks good so far. when i saw the guy the first thing that entered my mind was Tekken.

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