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First screenshots of Ico HD on PS3?

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Are these the first screenshots of Ico HD? Or what we expect to be the ‘Team Ico Collection‘? We were hoping to see Team Ico’s first PlayStation 3 game, The Last Guardian, at the Tokyo Games Show but it’s not on Sony’s list. We hope they’re just bluffing, because Fumito Ueda was showing the game off just a day ago.

He was showing it off to developer’s at CEDEC, Japan’s developer’s conference – his topic of discussion was the power of animation in games. He talked about his previous games, with (presumed) footage of his first game Ico. But something’s different, as can be seen in the screenshots below – the aspect ratio is wider, with what appears to be an improved resolution and cleaner textures.

It’s possible that these images were created on a PS2 emulator, but the aspect ratio is so different from the original that it really does look like this has been created especially. Whether this is our first peak at Ico in high-definition for the PS3 we don’t know, but we sure as hell hope so. With a little bit of help from Neogaf here’s a comparison with the original game for you. Please click on the images to enlarge.

ICO (1)ICO (3)ICO (2)ICO (1)

And here’s a little picture of The Last Guardian for you from the same event – such a tease.


You can find more screenshots of The Last Guardian right here.

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