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    Very constructive; thanks!
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    I recently replayed both MP1&2 to get me ready for MP3, and while they’re still a lot of fun they’re definitely products of their time. What I played of MP3 at PAX East left me hopeful, as does the flood of positive reviews that came out for it today.
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    New version is up. How sad is it that we’re the only commenters?
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    Cool! Let me know what you think of them!
  • PS Uni Underground Radio 011: Congressman Chewbecca
    Yep, Mass Effect does indeed belong to EA.

    That’s not necessarily how a developer-publisher relationship works, though. Ideally, a publisher trusts a developer to make something that’s both fun and creative, while also being profitable for them. I’ve never heard of a publisher intervening about a specific plot point or gameplay mechanic, threatening to pull the plug if it isn’t changed. Usually when a game gets canned, it’s because it simply isn’t shaping up to be something worthwhile — remember NBA Elite?

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  1. Lol @ the Batman part.

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