Frathouse Fridays: Pledge Week

Welcome bros, brodawgs, brochachos, and Broskis alike to pledge week. Prepare to explode from pure manliness, come back as a zombie and party your ass off, you are now entering the PlayStation University Frathouse. Here we turn boys into men, men into badasses, and badasses into Badass Gods of Badassery.  Consider this a haven for all things Manly; a place where over the top violence is toasted to with buckets of ale, the boobs always bounce, and bros can just be bros. If any of that offends your sensibilities then you can leave, the sorority is across the street. Now that they are gone let’s move on.

Kratos: Frathouse Alum

Big Bro On Campus 

Why am I the Man to lead Men to the height of Manly pursuits? While others can boast extensive experience in gaming tournaments, years spent reviewing, time spent as a game developer giving an insider perspective, my qualifications are simple; I am a booze drinkin’, game playin’, over the top party rockin’ Bro. If it is possible to add a little liquor to your gaming experience I will be there to pour the shots, if a game vixen has a sweet rack I’ll be there to point them out with a fist bump and a drawn out “niiice!”, when your LAN party becomes a sausage fest I’ll be there with a bevy of ladies.  In short, I am an irresponsible, sexist, sexy, alcoholic women eating monster with no shame: i.e I’m Perfect.

Boobs. Because I can.

Why you should join the Brotherhood

Here at the PSUni Frathouse, we pride ourselves on fun, fun and fun with a bit of fun with it. Week after week you will have your mind assaulted with bro-tastic info. Expect multiplayer drinking games to gin up your next gaming session, game inspired alcoholic beverages, the low down on the gaming bro code, the nicest jugs on campus and the bro of the Week just to name a few.  For the most exciting sexy editorials in gaming look no further, so week after week join the kegger and laugh off that beer gut. Let the bro-downs commence!

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  1. “Welcome bros, brodawgs, brochachos, and Broskis alike to pledge week.”
    I’m honestly surprised you left off bronys

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