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Free Uncharted 2 Multiplayer DLC this Friday

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Free Uncharted 2 downloadable content is on its way this Friday, in the shape of a classic Drake’s Fortune map.

This Black Friday, 27th November, Naughty Dog will be releasing the first downloadable content for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

‘The Fort’ is first new map to be added to the game’s multiplayer, based on the ‘Fortress’ chapter found in the first game; Drake’s Fortune. From the video below, you’ll agree that it looks stunning, but the best thing about this map is that it’ll be free.

But that’s not all. All your cash rewards will be doubled this weekend, alongside two special team skins; Doughnut Drake and Doughnut Lazarevic.

A patch will also be released to add new features to the multiplayer main menu, including leaderboards and a player card. With real-time leaderboards, you’ll now be able to check worldwide stats and the new player card will give you a snapshot of everything from your level, wins, kills, money and current boosters.

Enjoy The Fort teaser trailer below and look forward to Black Friday!

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Comments (7)

  • Updator


  • M.n.M

    finally! can’t wait

  • Gringo

    So I just have to download it and install it and that’s it? Great!!

  • daevv

    Uncharted for me is a single player game. I would like to see a level or two added as DLC.

  • BottleNeckEffeK

    I was hoping that ND would bring back some of the arenas from Drake’s Fortune. Can’t wait. Keep it up Naughty Dog!!

  • K-grim

    i hope the next map will be on a train

  • SpoonPower


    It’d be awesome to playing on a train in multiplayer!

    And this DLC is just sweet, not that big but hey, it’s free! Go Naughty Dog!

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