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I hope the next map will be on …

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Comment posted Free Uncharted 2 Multiplayer DLC this Friday by K-grim.

i hope the next map will be on a train

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  • Updator


  • M.n.M

    finally! can’t wait

  • Gringo

    So I just have to download it and install it and that’s it? Great!!

  • daevv

    Uncharted for me is a single player game. I would like to see a level or two added as DLC.

  • BottleNeckEffeK

    I was hoping that ND would bring back some of the arenas from Drake’s Fortune. Can’t wait. Keep it up Naughty Dog!!

  • K-grim

    i hope the next map will be on a train

  • SpoonPower


    It’d be awesome to playing on a train in multiplayer!

    And this DLC is just sweet, not that big but hey, it’s free! Go Naughty Dog!

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