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Gamer catches PS3 thief with remote play

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You may have missed this story over the holiday period, but a savvy gamer outsmarted a cheeky theif by using the PS3 and PSP’s remote play capabilities, reportedly.

On Wednesday 16th December 2009 PlayStation 3 gamer Psich0m4n claims his apartment was broken into, where 24 PS3 video games, 45 PS2 games, 52 SNES games, all of his consoles and their peripherals (crucially his PSEye camera) were stolen. What the theiving scamp didn’t realise was that psich0m4n had perviously linked his PSP with his PS3, meaning he could remotely control the console via the internet.

Psich0m4n tried every day to see if the thief would be stupid enough to connect the PS3 to the internet, and sure enough:

On Friday Dec 18th at around 11:30pm I was able to turn on the PS3 from my home by using my PSP […] I opened a chat room, turned on the camera and sure enough I got to see a close look at the thief’s face (probably looking at it wondering why the PS3 had turned on by itself!) With my digital camera readily available I took a picture of the PSP screen with the thief’s face! Called the police and they quickly recognized the person!

And with that the theif was caught and the gamer had his PS3 and games returned with no damage. So if you want to add extra ensurance to your household insurance, connect your PSP to your PS3 and hope that your theif is an absolute idiot that you can catch in the act.

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Comments (12)

  • Deedui69

    AHAHAHHAAH! Nice going. Seriously kudos to that guy. Another benefit of buying a ps3 with psp and especially remote play. Kudos to Sony for making Remote play!

  • ARC-1300

    not to burst anyones bubble but i already posted this story about two weeks ago, and its from the playstation forums. still a great story though :)

  • Patrick Steen

    Cheers Arc, but this published story is for those who missed it over the holiday. And the source is in there :)

  • NoctisLucisCaelum

    lmao wow.i guess the thief didnt knew ps3 had a remote play function

  • Xanthene

    This is awesome. I had a PS3 stolen once from a break in. I always wondered if they’d be able to track it down with the serial # or mac address. The police were morons and sony said they could only do anything if the police officially requested it. Has anyone else had success getting back a stolen ps3? I still have the serial number so i still hold hope someday i’ll track it down even though i’ve bought a replacement.

  • ARC-1300

    oh ok, just saying, no problems here

  • Patrick Steen

    Or here 😀

  • Thorzilla

    Damn right. A few years in prison should serve him right.

  • BottleNeckEffeK

    what a boss

  • Reigen

    its a good thing there stupid
    so that there easy to catch

  • McNublet

    Ooooh. Serves the theif right! Go ps3!!! I’d hate to get seperated from my PS3. Lolz

  • M.n.M

    way to go lol

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