GDC 2011: PlayStation Home 1.5

With the Game Developers Conference (GDC) currently underway, we’re beginning to get more and more announcements concerning what gamers can expect for the future. Amongst these announcements is Sony’s announcement of PlayStation Home 1.5. Home, which released with large-scale support and hype, disappointed many gamers at the start. Picking up some gamers along the way, Home still lacks the large member base that one would have expected from the get go. Will this new PlayStation Home finally give gamers what they’ve for so long desired? Let’s take a look.

The new version of Home, which is currently set to debut this Spring, is adding an array of new technology to the mix; allowing for many more possibilities. Developers will now have more access to Home, employing them to create better experiences. Some things we can be sure of in this new version include: real-time multiplayer, and an upgraded physics and animations system.

Currently, at Sony’s GDC booth, gamers are getting their first looks at the new version of Home. This is all in light of Sony’s effort to better link PlayStation Home and online gaming; something many would agree was not effectively done in previous versions of Home. For a look at what’s going on over at GDC in San Francisco, enjoy the video below:

As mentioned, this new version will employ developers to do more with Home, including the ability to create real-time multiplayer experiences. An example of something a developer could do would be to make an online racer or FPS title; all within PlayStation Home. Thanks to the upgrades on the animation and physics front of Home, developers will also be able to make higher level games, as opposed to the small, fairly outdated style games that have for so long made up Home.

With a wide array of improvements coming, perhaps PlayStation Home will finally redeem itself in the eyes of many gamers who expected more when Home originally launched. Will Home finally become the ultimate social network between the online and gaming worlds? Though skepticism is certainly at a high given past disappointments, it’s always pleasant to hear that the big wigs up at Sony haven’t forgotten about it.

As information continues to pour out regarding PlayStation Home 1.5, we’ll continue to update this article. Leave your opinions, comments, and / or concerns for this update below.

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