GDC: Infamous 2 Mission Creator announced

Most of us thought that Sony’s Play, Create, and Share mantra would be limited to games such as LittleBigPlanet and ModNation Racers, but it seems that Sucker Punch plan on getting in on that action.

Today at GDC, it was announced that players would be able to create their own challenges in the game to share online. It will allow you to place enemies and objects over a variety of missions (Defense, Escort, Search and Destroy, Survival, Shooting Gallery, Platforming, and Obstacle Course were revealed), even allowing you to create stories and award XP upon completion.

Along with this surprising online capability comes news of a beta to make sure it’s all up to snuff upon release, which we should see around April. Sucker Punch will post official details for that on the game’s official site on March 14.

Source: IGN

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