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Get a ten minute dose of MGS: Peace Walker goodness

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It’s starting to become more and more apparent that Hideo Kojima may just be immortal and made of pure win. During the Tokyo Game Show, Kojima Productions has released a 10 minute trailer for its upcoming PSP exclusive, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Words won’t do it justice because it’s everything you’d expect from something Kojima produced. Thankfully, Joystiq.com has released a high quality version of the trailer and we’ve included it below.

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Comments (5)

  • squirrelbo1

    wow, looks epic already. wish i was a TGS it said theres a demo, would love to have a play with it.

  • Shotgun Junior

    I was planning on getting this game. But after this trailer, I’m er… confused.

  • Remahr

    Hideo Kojima has not aged in about 15 years. Do you know why? Because pure win does not age. Everything’s in the game. Does anyone else think that this game is a little too epic? That this game will spell the end of everything?

  • silentcell55

    You can go get the demo at IGN.You guy should really post a link to it.


    Is it true Sony is making the PSP phone? I’ll wait for that one to come out and I’ll buy it.

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