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[UPDATE] GIVEAWAY: Free Game, $50 and $20 PSN Card

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Hey Readers,

In case you didn’t notice, there was no giveaway bonus for the month of April. This is because I was pushing money aside in order to throw a much bigger giveaway for the months of April and May combined! The contest will run for today and tomorrow and you will have the opportunity to win a Free Game of Your Choice, a $50 PSN Card or a $20 PSN Card.

Competing in this contest is VERY easy and simple. In fact, not only will it help you kill time at school/work/home to get you through your day, but it’ll also give you the opportunity to have a little “scavenger hunt” to say the least.

Here is what you need to do…Below, I have placed 3 Clues that will indicate a different PlayStation 3 character for each clue from three different EXCLUSIVE titles. Throughout the website in various news articles, I have placed an IMAGE of one of the three characters. In order to enter the contest and have the chance to win one of the three prizes, you must find each character’s image and email the URLs that you found them within to: contest [@] playstationuniversity.com.

Chances are only 3-5 people will be able to find these images, so your odds of winning something great is HIGH.


1. Don’t kill the messenger.

2. Dot…Dot…Dot.

3. Arrows have never been this fun.

Those are the three character clues you’re looking for. The images are substantially big (roughly 500×300). So, it will be easy to spot them! Once again — you have today and tomorrow to find these…If there hasn’t been at least three people to have found all three images by tonight at midnight…I will give you guys a clue as to what article you can find one of the images in.

Good luck!


Alright guys, here are three new clues that are article related to what articles you should be looking towards.

1. Sometimes you need to just check uncharted territory.

2. Give us a release date already!

3. Plastic peripherals have never been this fun.


I’ve included the stated email name below. I’ll be contacting you guys ASAP to get your mailing addresses.

1. Game (Choice) = Dfense

2. PSN Card ($50) = Benevolent_Ascent

3. PSN Card ($20) = Fatality_94

If this is you, you can obviously email me with your mailing address at the same email you sent in your entry to. If not, I’ll be emailing you over the course of the next couple of days.

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Comments (119)

  • DJ2Cool

    @The Dean
    nooo not competition >(

  • The Dean


    There is no way to use any type of deduction skills to figure it out, lol. They’re placed randomly.

  • One-Shot

    He was just trying to be all high and mighty I think.

  • The Dean

    No kidding — I have a feeling he hasn’t found anything at all, lol.

  • coolsalajr

    btw dean what time zone are you in?

  • The Dean


  • The Dean

    4th Person has just entered.

    Odds are now 60%

  • daevv

    I’ve been looking but no joy thus far. :(

  • Loki

    20 pages of nothing. lol

  • The Dean

    Lol — Love you guys 😉

  • Moocows111111

    There are 3 places where these pictures can be found. if you take it in sections then they are seriously pretty easy. Even randomly places pictures located in over 800 articles can be easy to sort out, although my “deductions” are not as accurate are you would like to think, it gives me a good idea as to where the pictures are XD

  • One-Shot

    lol oh okay I see your ingenious deduction techniques. You break it in sessions like start with 1 then go onto to through 10 and then start on 10-20. Man why didn’t I think of that, and here I was randomly clicking on numbers and praying like the lotto.

  • The Dean


  • The Dean

    Cows, stop.

  • Loki

    Of all the hint you can give me, it was the one that I already know…

  • Moocows111111

    Kk i’ll stop XD

  • Loki

    I think I’ll wait for some more clues. I got two, but the last one is pretty hard.

  • One-Shot

    The clues aren’t really necessary.

  • DJ2Cool

    Thats what she said.

  • coolsalajr

    LOL @ Dj2 cool

  • Adis

    so i have to look through a bunch of articles to see if I see an image and then e-mail the urls… i mean the clues aren’t necessary right?( I dont know them anyway)

  • War Machine

    My eyes hurt from looking through so many articles… I’m going to bed.

  • The Dean

    I’ll have solid clues up in the morning guys, sorry, tired right now!

  • SonyJunkie

    I think I have found them all. Sent in my email and hopefully I can win.

  • xero135

    ive legit gone through 33 pages of articles and still nothin *sigh* forty more to go.

  • D-Realist

    I have found all of the clues…or as so I think…I’m sending them now.

  • The Dean

    Alright guys — I added in 3 more clues to help you guys out. If you can’t find all three now, then you’re in trouble! lol.

    Also — Entry count is now up to SIX successful entries. Odds are still ridiculously good for a giveaway like this.

  • scottspeed

    if we send in a incorrect combination of url’s would u mind telling us if our application was wrong so we can try again?

  • ArisenDragon

    Just sent in my submissions I think I got them all.

  • Hero

    Woot. Sent mine in now 😀

  • Loki

    Gah!!! Can’t find the last one no matter what. Whatever, goodluck to everyone who joined. After checking every single article for 3 times, I’m done.

  • The Dean

    We’re up to roughly 14 entries guys.

    Those are GREAT odds, IMO

  • D-Realist

    14 people found them?
    That is crazy.

  • Nixemus


  • scottspeed

    finally found the last one phew that was hard, hope i win :)

  • PstFan41

    I hope I win. lol

  • SonyJunkie

    I hope I win 😀

  • Andre

    I joined i hope i win =P

  • megatopak

    I hope i win. the last one was a killer. your freaking hilarious dean!!! >:]

  • megatopak

    wait is this like a lottery? so it doesnt matter who found the images first?

  • Hero

    Yeah basically. When does this end, tonight?

  • coolsalajr

    can u tell us how many people got it right now? i just submitted mine

  • Patrick Steen

    I’m surprised so many of you guys found them – really, well done!

  • SonyJunkie

    I think a lot of us spent more time looking then you guys thought. I literally went through every single news article, all 70 pages to find them. I think that is what most of us did and I don’t think you guys expected that honestly.

  • coolsalajr

    Did u give the rewards out yet?

  • Menaus

    I’m at page 47. Nothing

  • Menaus

    Dangit I looked almost everywhere and they are no where to be found

  • VofEscaflowne


    They might have been removed though because the entry period was over Saturday night.



  • One-Shot

    So were the winners picked yet?

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