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4th Person has just entered. Odds are now …

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Comment posted [UPDATE] GIVEAWAY: Free Game, $50 and $20 PSN Card by The Dean.

4th Person has just entered.

Odds are now 60%

The Dean also commented

  • Winner will be announced tomorrow.
  • *cue Jaws theme*
  • We’re up to roughly 14 entries guys.

    Those are GREAT odds, IMO

  • Alright guys — I added in 3 more clues to help you guys out. If you can’t find all three now, then you’re in trouble! lol.

    Also — Entry count is now up to SIX successful entries. Odds are still ridiculously good for a giveaway like this.

  • I’ll have solid clues up in the morning guys, sorry, tired right now!

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  • The Dean

    *cue Jaws theme*

  • Menaus

    How the heck do you check earlier comments?

  • Farid

    There’s a “Older Comments” link above the “Leave a Reply” portion of the page.

  • Menaus

    Thanks Farid, it was right under my nose. I found one so far(The third one) I really hope I’m not too late when I finish

  • Menaus

    I meant the I found the second one, I also think I found the first one

  • The Dean

    Winner will be announced tomorrow.

  • One-Shot

    Is it tomorrow yet?

  • Henry

    I thought the winners were gonna be announced yesterday

  • Menaus

    I never finished it :/

  • AlliDfense

    wow cant believe I won something! Congrats to the other winners!

  • VofEscaflowne

    Hey, congrats AlliDfense and thanks to you guys for having such an awesome giveaway!

  • Andre

    WOW i won 😀

  • Andre

    So to wich email address do i send my info??

  • VofEscaflowne


    “If this is you, you can obviously email me with your mailing address at the same email you sent in your entry to. If not, I’ll be emailing you over the course of the next couple of days.”

  • Andre

    oh was distracted there thanks anyway

  • TRF

    Congrats to the winners.

  • coolsalajr

    Can you please post where the pictures were?

  • cna training

    Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

  • ahmed

    my city doesn’t sailing those card i didn’t buy anything from the psn store -_-

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