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God of War 3 Ultimate Trilogy Edition is gonna hurt your wallet

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As a European, I have to admit that sometimes I get upset with Sony’s decision to bring out games late or not at all in the PAL region. Today, however, they made me a happy man; ice-cream happy. They announced that Europe will be getting its own Limited Edition version of the game, called God Of War III: Ultimate Trilogy Edition.

The limited edition will not only come with God of War 3 and the God of War Collection, but it’ll also come packed with an incredible list of must have items for the God of War fanatic.

  • God of War Combat Arena containing an exclusive environment and seven challenges to complete
  • Dominus character skin
  • Apollo character skin
  • Phantom of Chaos character skin
  • Forgotten Warrior character skin
  • God of War: Unearthing the Legend Franchise Documentary
  • Special audio bonus content:
  • God of War Trilogy Soundtrack – God of War, II, and III scores from the game
  • God of War: Blood and Metal EP – a heavy metal homage featuring original music inspired by God of War
  • Artbook
  • Postcards

The cost of this limited edition is guess work for now, but believe me when I say that even a billionaire might think twice of actually laying down the money for it. For now though you can expect a price of around 200 Euros. But as a die-hard God of War fan, does that really matter?

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Comments (9)

  • Kratos

    OMG, SO EPIC!!

  • WonsAuto

    This article is riddled with errors. Just sayin’.

  • xero135

    thats cuz jimmy wrote it LOL

  • ShurikenSpammer

    If it’s more than £80 I think ill stick with the regular edition, GoW fan or not.

  • Jimmy

    Thanks for the honesty,
    I wish English was my main language but sadly I was born in the cold and small Belgium. Ill see if I can improve my grammar, spelling mistakes are annoying to read, I get annoyed when I read mistakes in Dutch.

  • Patrick Steen

    What grammar and spelling mistakes? 😉

  • xero135

    wow now i feel like a douche

  • YoungD514

    oh crap…i gotta save up

  • Arty

    I love this website :)

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