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God of War Collection Video Revealed

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In the aftermath of TGS 2009 a recent video of Sony’s upcoming God of War Collection has leaked. And while the audio is just horrible, the visuals from what can be seen look like they have been upgraded to run smoothly on an HDTV set.

The video depicts a montage of GoW anti-hero Kratos slashing his way through different creatures of Greek mythologies over the course of the two PS2 games. It seems that Sony was dead serious when they announced their plans to bring the hit PS2 series to HD status are on the right track as the textures and frame rate are running smoothly.

Both The God Of War Collection and the demo of God of War III will hit North American stores November 10, 2009 with a European release not yet announced.

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  • DeadlyAnGeL91792

    sound quality was poop in that vid but the graphics are so crispy looks sexy i gotta say i hope they do this for more games

  • WickeDMirage

    Thats sick!

  • Kratos

    AS bad as the sound quality was, the gameplay looks as great as always.

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