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God of War has never looked this good before!

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I’m not going to type a bunch of words here hoping that you’ll read them. To be honest, the real meat and potatoes of this article belongs to the video. It’s God of War and the first HD glimpse into the collection bundle scheduled for release next month. It looks amazing, so watch it and buy it!

We’ve included the video below.

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Comments (9)

  • Crimsontwist

    Very nice, can’t wait to get this collection and play these games again.

  • michael

    oh god i forgot about the spinning hades blades. thats gonna suck going through again

  • Nick

    Day 1.

  • K-grim


  • Kratos

    Im getting this day one with Modern Warfare 2. Cant wait to play the God of War III demo.

  • dead_zombies

    God of War…dude i just dont get how why any gamer would choose to own a 360 after this.

  • MrMustBNice

    Oh my…So dope, brings a tear to my eye

  • Alch3mist


  • LastBoss


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