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God of War III is not the “end”

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Today the online embargo for God of War III’s reviews is to be removed and with it reviews of the game will be pouring out of most, if not all, major media sites throughout the day. While some have speculated that this will be the last adventure into the realm of the Gods from SCE Santa Monica, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Speaking with IndustryGamers.com, producer Steve Caterson explained that God of War III isn’t the end-all, be-all of the series. It is however, the end of Kratos’ story.

“Well, God of War III is the end of the trilogy,” he told IndustryGamers. “We didn’t leave you on a cliffhanger but I think it’s not the end of the franchise. I’m looking forward to do something different if we can. 

“It also might be nice to return to the franchise if we can and bring all that knowledge back from wherever we go. Anything’s possible. It’s premature to say what it might be, since I don’t even know what I’ll be doing next week.”

It’ll be interesting to see what direction the team might possibly take the God of War universe in — do you guys have any ideas of your own?

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Comments (31)

  • BlinkyEC

    A norse versiom would be awesome !


  • Dreamer_Lion

    Yeah. In GOW 1 there were these secret movies, where we could see Kratos brother and how Kratos got to be a spartan.

    That would be cool.

  • Korudo

    Yeah, I was wondering about Kratos’ brother too. That’d be a fun idea.

  • Fatality

    You guys had said that already, its the end of the story but not god of war

  • 12carzam

    i hope i see kratos son

  • Thorzilla

    I guess they will probably do some side stories or more prequels like Chains of Olympus. Maybe even continue the story from another point of view.

  • PSU

    The embargo lifted today and as you said “all major media outlets” are posting reviews… Well where is Playstation university’s review? You guys are as major as it gets. Amirite? I mean that with no sarcasm. You guys rock and roll. Again amirite?

  • Thorzilla

    LOL! PSU posting here with “no sarcasm”, amirite?
    Pathetic. :]

  • Mrxdemix

    This is really, really old news. Stig and the Lead Artist both mentioned that they will be making more God of War titles in the future but that the trilogy is over.

  • 12carzam

    yeah they said it was the last game so ur a little late there

  • PSU

    They’re late with their review too!

  • BlinkyEC

    @ 11 I thought there wasn’t enough retards on the internet …

    Then I found you 😀

  • Dr. Moogle

    i second blinky’s comment!

    but this is kind of obvious tho….MGS….KH….and now GoW

  • WonsAuto

    I wouldn’t mind this being the last game in the series. It’s pretty difficult to keep people’s interest in a single franchise for a long period of time, and the few that have have done so through some serious gameplay overhauls over the years. It’s hard for me to imagine a GoW game that wasn’t a hack-and-slash, but I guess we’ll see.

  • TRF

    Like BlinkyEC said, a Norse God of War would be awesome. He mentioned it awhile ago on the forums, and I think it’s a fantastic idea. However, Santa Monica would need to do some serious revamping of the gameplay. I haven’t felt any major changes to the formula, which isn’t terrible, because the formula is great, but I’d like to see some rehauls in the combat and puzzle solving for the next God of War game.

  • Moocows111111

    This was already informed to this community XD

    It seems like they are pulling off a MGS sort of thing (Refuse to play the other MGS’s. MGS4 is one of the best games ever, and to me, it is the end of a fantastic series)

    The next God of War game would just be milking the franchise In my honest opinion.

  • scottspeed

    Some kind of prequel seeing how kratos went through the ranks in the spartan army but maybe play as a captain of the army and u get to see kratos from time to time. be more interesting than playing as kratos (not saying that in a bad way) but for storyline would be kwl to fight along side kratos in battle


    i think they should make a game were they tell the story be4 he became bonded 2 Ares or were he fights the titans over control that would be BEAST!!

  • Reigen

    id like to see a prequel where you play as a god or a titan or someone in the great war

  • 12carzam

    how about a god of war movie how about that

  • Hozi

    I truly can’t wait to play this game!…I don’t even want to think of anything past GOW3 just yet. Not for a while. I know I’ll enjoy this game over and over and over.Especially when SONY releases that 3D firmware update. I can’t wait to see how crazy this game will look.

  • One-Shot

    I just hope if they continue the franchise it isn’t in a dumb and obviously milking way.


    Good to take a whole new direction with a whole new character for the next God Of War franchise.

  • Dreamer_Lion

    He, I was wondering when we can expedct a review from this game?. I’m really looking forward to it.

  • Dr. Moogle

    hmmmm, this may be something like MGS….like how there wont be anymore games with solid snake (or at least playing as him)….the same with kratos….

    BUT what about the next game you KILL KRATOS???? awesome? i think so

  • taus90

    It better be not last game in god of war, other wise there will be many angry Kratos around the world. but no one expected GoW chain of olympus, so we can expect the unexpected. stop thinking abt the future i want to play GoW3 first… argghh HULK mad

  • abraham

    you shouldnt end kratos i think gow 4 with a new god rising should be there like how one of them said there will always be a new god to take are place and kratos says i will kill them to so it would be cool if he wakes up in hell and has to get his way back up to the top a find out that there are new gods trying to kill him athena should be the god to take zeuses place and now he has to kill new and harder gods or he should start off in a little town and gets cough by the gods and they try to kill him

  • Hisham

    How about his son takes on the legacy in some what of a 300 scenario, or “Kratos” and “Nariko” could meet up coincedentally in a battle against oppossing foes, and team up and the saga begin’s then on. Or Kraots tries to live a normal farmville life J/K. Or Kratos’s brother from the un-finished secret stories of his misterious brother from the first GoW1 game. -Hisham

  • barry

    i think you should make one with that gaia had a race of titans hid away and when she dies they awake with bloodthirsty vengence and they make a whole new race of gods like a race of bigger more powerful and stronger race of gods and they want revenge and this sort of story could go on for another couple of god of wars and kratos wakes up beside an ocean and he sees a blind red light fly from the sky and it could be a new god called just for example arithemitis and the triolighy could continue on from then. PLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! dont let the god of war story end i have played all them including chains of olimpus and it is the best game ever dont let it end

  • Asgard

    I think that there should be a God of Peace where Kratos is trying to get his family back. It would still be a fighting game just with a different name it it is not about revenge, it is about getting his family back. PSUNI if you can contact Sony or Santa Monica please give them my idea.

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