God of War III to be 10+ hours long, not 15 to 20 [UPDATE]

God of War III will feature 10 plus hours of gameplay according to Sony Santa Monica’s director of technology. Although we know “10 plus hours” is an ambiguous description of gameplay length, it’s certainly shorter than the previously reported 15 to 20 hours.

The game’s director Stig Asmussen was originally quoted in Hobby Consolas as stating that God of War III will “last about the same time that lasted for the previous two chapters (15 to 20 hours depending on difficulty level).” Now there was always something fishy about that quotation, since the last two games were closer to the 10 to 15 hour mark, so the bracketed addition could have been a presumptuous comment made by a Hobby Consolas’ editor, rather than a statement made by Asmussen himself.

This brings us to Christer Ericson’s, director of technology at Sony Santa Monica, latest tweet:

“And since people asked: #GoW3 has seamless loading. No install, followed by 10+ hours of play uninterrupted by load screens!”

No install, dual-layer Blu-ray, no loading, real-time cutscenes, 10+ hours of gameplay. We’re certainly not complaining; Sony Santa Monica sound like wizards.

[UPDATE] – Ericson has responded by claiming that he is not commenting on game length, but simply the fact that there will be no loading throughout, hence the ambiguity of 10 plus hours. Nevertheless, expect a game spanning as long as the original two entries in the franchise.

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  1. 10 hours is perfect.

    “No install, dual-layer Blu-ray, no loading, real-time cutscenes, 10+ hours of gameplay.”

    That is just unbelievable. Santa Monica cant be human, that is just amazing.

  2. Around what I thought. 15-20 for a action game like this really sounded bs.

  3. Sounds about on par with the first two games, so that’s good enough for me. And on a technical level, this may be the most amazing PS3 game yet, and I can’t wait to get my grubby mitts on it Day One.

  4. 10+ hours of gameplay is good, but its not really long, games these generations last too short, I remember playing Okami with its 45 hours to complete and 60 hours to find everything. Since 10+ hours is relatively short and the game is only single player its a little let down.

  5. Yeah, I remember playing GOW I and II for about 15-20 hours too. . . . . .

    And yeah, 10 hour games are way too short. For instance, I loved chains of olympus but my first playthrough went with 6 hours (Then 3:30, wtf), while it was a great game, the fact that it was so short really got to me.

    Pro tip: start your GOW III game on hard difficulty.

  6. meh, its understandable

    i didnt expect this game to be 15-20hours anyways (actually MAYBE 15 hours MAX)

  7. it will be 15 hours, you guys are too literal. He just didn’t want to make a huge discussion over game length and said 10 plus

  8. You guys really think 10 hours is short. Come on, if they get any longer, they start to drag out and become very dull, ie Assassins Creed 2. Only RPG’s should last over 20 hours.

    And like Dreamer said, start it on the hardest difficulty. More satisfaction and longer gameplay.

  9. @Sonyjunkie:

    lol, I guess that shows how gamers have different tastes. For me an RPG should last on the 40 + hours =P

    I never liked “short” games UNLESS there is a lot of replay value.

    BTW, my scale:

    +- 10 hours —->Short games
    -+ 20 hours —->Medium length games
    -+ 30 hours —->Long Games (Usually just RPGs)

  10. This is my scale:

    ~10 hours – most average games, so normal
    ~20 hours – Long games, not quite RPG’s though
    25+ hours – Very long games (usually RPG’s)

    Spent 150 hours playing Oblivion. 🙂

  11. God of War 3 is going to be awesome wow: 35 gb, no installs, and no loading times. Incredible.

  12. That’s already what I was expecting it to be. I never believe reports of a game’s length because most of the time, they consider us to be a one handed blind chimpanzee behind the controller 😛

  13. no load times? SCHWEET! 😀

  14. 10+ seems to be good enough depending on the difficulty level, but even so 35 gb data???. there is no doubt in the world that this game is going to be Epic.

  15. 10 hours is like the lowest i will accept for a game. Any lower then its not worth the full price for a game. Only exception was cod mod2 as it had a multiplayer i can play for hours

  16. @UPDATE (LOL):

    Let’s hope so, otherwise the title loses some magic (at least for me) because beign a single player game, you have to make sure it delivers those $60 back on the fun department.

  17. Ohhhh @ the update. That makes sense. Once you get passed the menus, and initial load, there will be 10+ hours of straight gameplay with no more load screens. That makes sense and that is awesome.

  18. meh, no biggie with the update…he just basically says it without saying it…

  19. Whaaat no load tines, awesome!

  20. @Update?

    Kinda cool how there is no load times, but seriously I don’t care all that much about load times, I’m a patient dude XD but I guess its good XD

    And as to regards of the older posts, My scale is
    10-15 hours is a short game
    16-20 medium sized game
    20-30 Average sized game XD
    40-60 Long game

    This based on last generation games, because games like Okami last 45 hours to 60 hours, and I played the crap out of that game (over 200 Hours), seriously, 10 hours is wayy to short in my standards, for Next generation games I suppose that 10+ hours is long?

  21. This is my scale
    10-15 hours is a short game
    16-20 medium sized game
    20-30 Average sized game XD
    40-60 Long game
    60-??……..Duke Nukem Forever

  22. ! no load times??? like U2?? IMPRESSIVE CQC!!

    but they shouldnt try to use load times as an excuse to cover their asses or something…. but its nice to know there wont be ANY load times NOR required install!

    so this whole game will be literally jam-packed with non-stop action!!

  23. Its good that God of War 3 has no loading time without need to install the game. Although the game won’t be 15-20 hours long, the 10+ hours of gameplay will definitely be a very good playing experience.

  24. hmmm i wonder if this’ll fl0w (get it? lawlz….i tried -_-) as smoothly as Uncharted 2!

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