GOWIII will feature three-hours of bonus videos

And a (presumably new) Gran Turismo 5 trailer. So not only will you reportedly get 15-20 hours of gameplay out of the upcoming God of War III, you’ll also have yourself three-hours of bonus videos to enjoy. And a Heavy Rain trailer; and a Mod Nation Racers trailer; and a M.A.G. trailer. On-disc advertising of PlayStation 3 exclusives has begun.

The information comes by way of the British Board of Film Classification’s 18+ rating of the game, putting time lapses next to three God of War bonus videos, one stretching to a massive one-and-a-half hours long. Now that’s a lot of extras for your dollar.


God of War III is set to release on March 16th in the US, with the game arriving during the same week across Europe and most likely Japan. A new trailer is scheduled for February 11th, but you can watch the latest God of War III footage right here.

Enjoy our God of War III screenshot gallery.

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  1. so i get 3 hours of bonus video, and since i bought the ultimate edition i also get the documentary that should be atleast an hour long? alright! this is why i love santa monica studios, the always give you more than your expecting 😀

  2. 3 houres? wow
    not ewen santa monica can max out a bluray with game data alone

  3. One of these videos could be reference to the Ultimate Edition, though the BBFC rating does not state this.

  4. Nope…No sir gaming does not benefit from the Blu-ray…..

  5. 3 extra hours of video for God of War 3 sound awesome. God of War 3 is going to be one of the best games of 2010.

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