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Holy **** 3 discs? Wow that’s huge. …

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Comment posted Gran Turismo 5 To Be On 3 Blu-Ray Discs? by crimsonTWIST.

Holy **** 3 discs? Wow that’s huge.

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  • crimsonTWIST

    Holy **** 3 discs? Wow that’s huge.

  • Deathslizer

    Lol thats gotta be a world record of space used on a single game ^^

  • WonsAuto

    I have trouble believing that this game wouldn’t fit on a single BD. I can maybe see it spanning two discs, but even that’s a stretch.

  • SonyJunkie

    I think that is a special edition with a whole bunch of HD behind the scenes of cars and how they make cars. No way this game will not fit on one disc. Has to be bonus materials.

  • richesmatthew

    Maybe a sound track disc, behind the scenes disc and game disc?

  • K-grim

    3 bd discs
    i wonder if its going to be on single lair bd discs(23gb discs)
    or if its going to be on dual lair bd discs(46gb discs)

    if anyone knows anything about what discs its going to use please send me a mesage on gasper_002@hotmail.com

  • Omar

    Whoa If it is

  • Dartheroni

    You know whats awesome !
    i couldn’t tell what video was real life and what was gt 5 ! WAAAA cant wait to play this

  • SamaT

    My only reaction is just…wow.

  • uso3

    good lord man!!!

  • megatopak

    wow i am in awe

  • Yusuf

    I think it was an empty box, because they said that Kazanouri was still deciding on the car on the cover and because the game has probably not hit production as of yet

  • KiLL_zIDe

    can’t Polyphony just use the new 250gb bd disks or have they filled that out?

  • zeonpilot

    Talk about double standards. So suddenly multi disc games are ok now. Gotcha.

    • The Dean

      Chances are, discs 2/3 will be bonus content like “The Making of GT5″ etc.

      It’s not going to be actual game content. Which is an entirely different story.

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