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Gran Turismo 5 releasing in March of 2010

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Sony has just announced at it’s SCEJ session of TGS that Gran Turismo 5 will be seeing a release March 2010 with over 20 tracks and 950 cars. There was also a feature that lets you unlock cars automatically through connecting with GT PSP as well as:

Arcade Mode: Single Player, split-screen two player

GT Mode: World Map, My Garage, Car Dealer, Tuning Shop, Championship
Race, and License Test.

Online: Open Lobby, Text/Voice Chat, Private Room, Online Photo Album, Online Replay Album, and you can export replays to YouTube. As well as Open Lobby, Text/Voice Chat, Private Room, Online Photo Album, Online Replay Album,

Photo Mode: Photo Drive, Photo Stage

GT TV: Improved UI, export of videos to PSP, and progressive downloading.

President of Polyphony Digital was also quick to add in that the photo mode will be “the most significant advance in photo mode in years.”

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  • creamclouds

    I dunno if it’s a typo or something there, but does that say Over 20 tracks? Do you mean over 200?

  • Shotgun Junior

    What about OVER 9000 tracks? Oh yeah and the release date kind of disappoints me. I thought it was going to be released end of this year… Oh well guess they have more time to remove the bugs and flaws.

  • Super Smash Bros. Fan

    All I can say, I’m outraged that it’s being pushed beyond 2009, in Japan! So that means the game won’t be in North America by April, 2010?

    I’m sorry, but this news **** me off to no end.

  • Aztec Warrior

    I am disappointed by this announcement. What happened to it being ready for release months ago? I don’t doubt they are hard at work improving everything, but there has to come a point when enough is enough.

  • Super Smash Bros. Fan

    @Aztec Warrior: Agree, this has pushed me over the edge. This is even worse then [i]Super Smash Bros. Brawl[/i] and [i]Halo 3[/i] delays combined.

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