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Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City Coming to PS3

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Grand Theft Auto fans should rejoice. According to an ESRB ratings post Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto Vice City have been rated for a PS3 release.

These two titles haven’t been announced for any other system as of now, but that’s not to say they won’t in the future. Until then, you can look forward to enjoying some classic GTA on current gen tech.

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Comments (3)

  • Hero

    Vice City HD re-release!

    Vice City > all

    • Joe Garcia

      SCEA is listed as the publisher on the ESRB site, which leads me to believe that they’ll just be “PS2 Classics” rather than HD remasters (SCEA is also listed as the publisher of every PSone game on the PS Store).

      • Hero

        Awww… well as long as they don’t look completely terrible on an HDTV it should be alright.

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