Grand Theft Auto V trailer is live, takes place in Los Santos (at least)

Whether you love or loathe the games, only Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto can get away with announcing a game with nothing but a logo, and then tease a trailer for an entire week. Chances are, you’re just as excited as the rest of us to see what characters and setting that Grand Theft Auto V will pair us up with.

To help facilitate the process, Rockstar have made it easy to pass around and embed the game’s trailer, although it’s nothing more than a countdown timer to help tick away the days, hours, and minutes until the trailer is officially ready for consumption through your eyeholes. The countdown is set to expire at 9 AM PST on November 2nd, so figure out what time that is for you and park your keisters right here for when the big moment is upon us.

Tick tock.

UPDATE: The trailer is live and ready for your consumption, and the 90-second glimpse is promising. We don’t have a release window or a main character just yet (though we assume we’ll play as the narrator), but we do know that the game will take place in Los Santos, though it seems that the game might take place in the state of San Andreas.

How’s that? If you remember, license plates in GTA IV simply read “LIBERTY CITY”. In the GTA V trailer below, the license plates read “SAN ANDREAS”. I might be reading a bit into it, but I’m hopeful, dammit.

Quit wasting time and check it:

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  1. rs killed my fandom with gta 4 and lc stories…

  2. i like the trailer, i know its ingame, but i cant get into “what the game is all about” until i see some actual gameplay
    but i am a bit disapointed that its la again, nothing against it but…
    it just apeares so often in rockstar games that its just boring
    (dont hate me guys, that was just my opinion, i understand lots of you are probably ecsited to revisit la for the 10th something time in a videogame)

  3. Nice, but it feels so serious!
    I loved the parodic gta humor. Please don´t let this be a nother gta4!

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