GT5 standard cars will NOT have cockpit view

Ok, the speculation has to end. Numerous confused posts on the matter of whether Gran Turismo 5’s 800+ standard cards will or will not have a cockpit camera view. An update to the official Gran Turismo website has put those questions to bed.

The vehicles in Gran Turismo 5 come in two classes – premium and standard. The premium cars, all 200+ of them, are insanely detailed PS4 quality vehicles. The standard cars are HD recreations from previous GT games – and as we revealed, some of them haven’t changed too much from GT4.

There was still hope that they might sport a interior cockpit camera view. Sadly, the answer is no, as we had previously reported. Kotaku thought there would be. Many E3 attendees thought there would be. A random Australian games blog even reported they were told by Sony that there would be (the comment was likely pulled from the GTPlanet forums.)

So Sony Computer Entertainment America has made an update to the official Gran Turismo website to put all this speculation to rest. The relevant comment reads as follows:

“Standard cars do not support vehicle interior camera views.”

This very sentence has only recently been added – I scoured over that GT5 article only days ago. Standard cars DO NOT support interior camera views in Gran Turismo 5. Could you think of the insane amount of time it would take to build high-quality interior views for over 1000 cars? They get away with it in GT PSP by adding a standard black interior view – something that just won’t work in HD with the hyper-realistic graphics of GT5.

And if you’re holding out hope for interior views for GT5’s standard cars, please stop. Maybe, just maybe, it’s a ruse for Polyphony to surprise us with them later on. But really, nah.

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  1. I think I speak for GT fans everywhere when I say: FUUUUUUUUUUUU

  2. Meh, oh well. I’m sure the premium cars are the ones none of us will be able to drive in real life, hence they give us the cockpit view to live the experience lmao. The rest of the cars are easy access all around the world hahaha

  3. Right on Hero!

  4. Well, they have now confirmed a no sale from me.

    Damn, was really excited to play this game, not anymore. Have lost all interest now.

  5. Patrick Steen June 28, 2010 @ 15:55

    A little foolish. You’ll be missing out.

  6. Not at all. When I played GR5 Prologue, I had to use the cockpit view, I could not use any other view. I just could’t control the car right. So when choosing 1000 cars and only 20% of them have interior view, I don’t want to expect an interior view and not get it.

    Just a personal preference. When playing a sim, it has to be real.

  7. Patrick Steen June 28, 2010 @ 16:21

    GT5 is the first GT game to include the cockpit view. You’ll miss out on the most feature rich racing sim of all time.

  8. Ouch. Still, not a huge deal since I mainly race in third-person.

  9. I like the front mounted camera so no biggie for me. GT is still going to be one of the greatest gaming experiences so far. Gran Turismo is one of the few franchises that always delivers.

    @SonyJunkie. Sorry man but that’s the poorest reason I’ve heard for not playing a game but I’m sure you’ll change your mind later on.

  10. Oh GAWD!!! And they took a heck lot of time to make this… But oh well, I guess I won’t be getting this game then… And I’ll tell my friends not to either after reading this article. Thank you playstation uni for reporting this, it helped me make the right choice. Well a choice that I’ll be happy with atleast. Or i might buy it USED to not support Polyphony since they are too lazy to make the interior of 800 cars… Once again… Thank you!!!

  11. @Patrick Steen, I have played GT games before and they were great. Then games started adding a cockpit view and it made sense and actually made me love racing games. And now all racers do it and then the king of racing comes and no cockpit, major turn off for me and I have no interest in playing it.

    @halfdeaf, well it is a great reason for me. Sorry you are not me and have a different opinion of games.

  12. @Patrick Steen
    This is old news sir(this was news two days after e3). People are actually saying that they won’t buy the game now?? Wow!! So many features are being ignored because of the “premium versus standard” cars situation. I had to leave gtplanet because that is all they’re talking about over there.

  13. Interior view and cockpit view are not the same thing. Only premium cars will have interior views (the whole interior of the car can be viewed), but all cars will have cockpit views.

    “Ok, the speculation has to end.”
    It has, but you’re doing it wrong.

    tl;dr: This article is wrong.

  14. Patrick Steen June 29, 2010 @ 04:43

    JTF – thanks for the comment. But you’re really clutching at straws. You will not be able to find any confirmation from PD or Sony that directly explains the difference between “interior views” and “cockpit views”. I do understand the confusion, but there is no confirmation (and little evidence) that there will be cockpit views. And really, it’s time to put the baby to bed – and be pleasantly surprised if your odd lexicon turns out to be true. Thanks.

  15. Doominator99 June 29, 2010 @ 07:48

    only 200 cars have cockpit views! (lol cock) what the hell have they been doing for all of these years?!? forza 3 has 500 cars and all of them have cockpit views (lol cock) i know they are trying to put detail into there game but they need to learn to stop when the games content is affected. im still buying the game though (lol cock) 🙂

  16. REVOLUTION its coming!

    800 Standard cars/GT4HD/,no cockpit view.
    Maybe only 20 tracks.
    And amazing 2D spectators.

    Bravo PD!5 1/2 years.
    /Mercedes CLK-GTR Standard,Suzuki Cappuccino premium/Brilliant!
    This game:80% GT4HD.20%GT5.

  17. Well im very dissapointed now. Might even cancel my pre order now.

  18. @GT- you’re so lame, people like you bring shame to humans.

    800 Standard cars say no interior viewS. Notice the S makes it plural, This has been on the japanese site for weeks. That doesn’t confirm there is no interior driving position camera view. Interior according to Kaz was inner workings of the car. Back seat, door handles, shift levers, etc. etc.

    I don’t think I’m drawing at straws. I don’t think anyone who assumes what I assume is either. I might have a bit of wishful thinking, but who has seen gameplay of standard cars? No one. Until we do and it shows no interior driving position, I’ll maintain my belief that all cars will have that view, but only premium cars will have the detailed interior ‘viewS’

  19. @freshseth83!

    Why?800 Standard cars just upscaled GT4 models/GT4HD/,and NO cockpit view!!!Its offical!!gt fanboy! You’re so lame!And Spectators not 2D??100%??No,its 2D!True.

  20. Hi, I’m not logged into this website.
    I was doing some researches with Google about this issue, and, ok, I admit I am a bit disappointed.
    But, IMHO, not buying this game is an error. I mean, there are too much exciting features in GT5 and excluding them it’s a bit foolish. I understand that many players are furious because they waited for 5 years and we discover that all the standard cars won’t have cockpit view, but still, this is a videogame. Yeah, I know PD wants perfection at all costs, but I’m more interested in a great gaming experience and in having fun. Maybe someone will say “How can we have fun if 800 cars won’t have cockpit view?”. I believe that, even without this important feature, we will still love this game, and obviously have fun. We’ll have a great online mode, we’ll have WRC, we’ll have NASCAR, we’ll have some good pyschics, we’ll have 16 cars on track, we’ll have a great career mode, probably we’ll have even dynamic weater, a track editor… There are to many things that enforce me to buy this game. Yeah, the lack of the cockpit view for 800 cars is bad, but I already managed to deal with it.
    I just wanted to say this.

  21. 30NIGHTCRAWLER30 June 30, 2010 @ 12:08

    I’m nothing buying this game anymore. If Skyline R33 doesn’t have cockpit than F YOU!

  22. @30NIGHTCRAWLER30: I read somewhere an incomplete list of Premium Cars, but I saw the R33 in it. So yeah, it has a cockpit.

  23. @ALL:

    LOL. You all make me laugh at how childish you sound xD

  24. Hm, Dreamer_Lion has a point. It’s a game, after all.
    But I will still buy this masterpiece.

  25. LOL at people not buying what is going to be the greatest racing experience on a console to date due to lack of interior view in some cars.

    Seen the inside of pletny of R33 IRL, it’s nothing to write home about 😉

  26. Seeing a “so far” list of premium cars, im really disappointed. I mean, a suzuki cappucino? Seriously? For “only” 200+ cars to have in-car views, I would have been more foregiving if all 200+ cars where exotic or really cool car. That plus almost every version of skyline and gt-r is premium, so thats is like 10 premium cars just there.

  27. I will still be getting the game. But none the less this is pretty annoying, but notice how no one knew that not ALL cars would have interior views right up to a few months before release. They have all these pre-orders and kept it very hush hush to make more money KNOWING people think that all cars will have interior view after giving us GT5P. As for the Suzuki cappuccino. Does that need an interior view? 5 years and all we get is some updated graphics, tracks and physics… They carried nearly all cars across from previous games, added a slight more detail and call it a day. 5 years for that… Really? Hopeully they have sorted out the sound issues. Never heard such bad car sounds for a long time. Impreza that sounds like a honda civic, a skyline that sounds like a honda civic, they all sound the same with just a slight different tone. 🙁

  28. As long as they have the hood view, It’ll be all good.

  29. Hey guys I was thinking about this…I love the interior views like all of you guys do, and i love buying a new car in the game( referring to prologue) and sitting in it for first time and looking around at details. It DOES suck that there wont be any interior views for beautiful muscle cars or tuners or exotic and whatever, BUT, we gotta concentrate on other things. I would like for once that when i buy a new exhaust system, that car REALLY sounds different, and maybe they fixed that..

    all in all, we all have our preferences, but were not all crazy game programmers like PD…so, i guess we gotta accomodate to them, and give em credit for the work… i personally love GT and cant wait for 5 to b out

  30. First I heard of this. It does kind of suck that they don’t have interior views. I mean couldn’t they have just gave us less cars. Very few, if any will unlock all cars in the game. Only giving us 200 or so cars that have a cockpit view is pretty disappointing in my book. Whoever was in charge of making the decisions for this game needs to open their eyes and ears.

  31. gt1 had 150 cars
    gt3 had 170+ cars
    gt5 has 200+ premium cars
    every 1st gt game has less cars than the last
    the PD team would have needed divine assistance or inhumanly powers to make 1000+ cars detailed to the last bit
    just play the game and enjoy it for the gameplay not for the graphics

  32. Wow, and i thought this was the ultimate simulation game…..BOOO

  33. Okay kids, now that the game is Out, what do you actualy think about it. Is *Cocks*-pitt view SOOOOO important, well for me actualy no, put it on the Hood view, buy your Self the G27 and there you go with your fucking Cockpit view 🙂

  34. I bought this today for £43, all the licence tests use these “premium” cars so far, but when I go to use one of my own cars there’s no interior view? I don’t care how much time it takes to make all these detailed interiors, I waited 5 years and spent £43 on this? Take it back.. I don’t want their shortcuts.

  35. 30NIGHTCRAWLER30 is right, maybe Mr. Kazunori is trying to ingore our promises, i mean he is focusing on F@#^*&$ ideas. For me i’ll stick to Forza 4.

  36. Yea.. I was playing the game and noticed my 240 and 04 wrx sti didn’t have a cockpit view.. I sold the car and took my loss’s. Its an amazing game. Everyones got to admit it but that really is a bummer… the cockpit view honestly makes it more fun for me.. hopfully they come out with an update to get all 1200 cars covered. I’ve give them another 5 bucks for that!

  37. Not anymore! 10-11-11, just wait till then! ( :

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