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  • PSN Compensation Detailed
    That’s fine. Its nice of Sony of doing it. I didn’t expect anything cause I understand what happened and Sony kept us informed. They didn’t take the PSN down for no reason, they did it cause someone cause it. I’m really happy to see Sony doing all this, keeping us informed, have a press conference, and then giving their customers compesation, kudos.
  • New Twister Metal trailer + Release date announced
    Fucking love it. Can’t wait for 10.4.11
  • Is this the new Elena from Uncharted 3?
    Yea, thats from GamersHeartJapan.

    You guys should actually post that as a news article. It’s really cool to see all these devs talk about Japan.


  • All NGP Games will have Digital and Physical Release
    I thought there was no storage on the NGP. How are you going to save all your downloads, SD cards?
  • Twisted Metal Started as a PSN Title
    I never even really played the originals all that much but I know I loved it when I did play it. A PSN game honestly would have made me sad and I probably wouldn’t care for it as much as I do now.

    Good job Sony.

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  • Gamertag: Joef360

    Looks awesome. Gonna HAVE to get it. Does anyone know if the problems are on ps3, xbox 360 or both thanks :)

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