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How to get Resistance 3 free with Sony’s PlayStation 3D display, after all

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When Sony pulled the curtain back on their new PlayStation-branded 3DTV, people were impressed. The TV offers same-screen multiplayer without the need for split-screen, is a crazy-affordable $499, and to top it off would come with a free copy of the upcoming Resistance 3. Then, a short while back, Sony substituted MotorStorm: Apocalypse for highly-anticipated shooter from Insomniac, disappointing many looking forward to buying the display.

Fortunately, gamerdeals.net have stumbled upon a bit of excellent news: If you preorder the TV from Amazon, they’ll throw in Resistance 3 as a bonus. That’s one free game on top of another, while Amazon also offers free shipping and possibly no sales tax, depending on where you live. Neat!

You can preorder the 3DTV by following this link.

Source: gamerdeals.net

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  • Hero

    THANK YOU FOR THIS. Definitely want to do this.

    • Joe Garcia


      • Hero


  • Reigen

    it was mentioned on the site that
    “Amazon reserves the right to change or terminate this promotion at any time.”

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