Imagine 3D Ping Pong with PlayStation Move

Just a little thought for you to mull over as the weekend comes to a close. Now that we have PlayStation Move and 3D coming to the PlayStation 3 later this year, it has been a much missed point that Sony could combine the two in spectacular and original experiences.

The PlayStation 3 will be getting an update to enable 3D output this summer, and with 3D TVs being announced by a number of manufacturers, it’s time to start thinking about 3D gaming – a medium that could truly benefit the most from the technology. Naturally, gaming is now pretty much a 3D medium, and to enjoy these 3D environments beyond a 2D TV will open up experiences we might not have imagined before.

So now I want you to think further than Super Stardust HD and Gran Turismo 5 in three-dimensions and bring your mind to Sony’s recently announced and detailed motion controller, PlayStation Move. A number of in-development games were shown at GDC, but one looks like it might most easily demonstrate how the technology could be combined successfully with 3D; Ping Pong, or Table Tennis.

Included in the PS3’s upcoming Move title Sports Champions, the ping pong game takes its cues from the Nintendo’s Wii Sports, but Sony could take the game one step further. The problem with motion controlled ping pong games is that the table feels much further away from your body than it actually would be in real life. Indeed, when you play them you feel like a giant playing ball with a miniature table that’s 10 or more metres away. With 3D this problem can be dissipated.

If the in-game table can be brought out of the screen and into the room, then the player can feel like they’re right next to it. But further than this, the ball can come flying out of the screen and meet the PlayStation Move controller, which you’ll then be able to hit back. Imagine the vibrating feedback that you’ll get from the controller when you hit the ball that’s come flying out of the screen. Indeed, with Move and 3D it’s possible that you could feel like you’re really playing ping pong in your living room. An experience that truly can only be experienced on the PS3. That’s if Sony is kind enough to bring it to us.

Can you think of any other PlayStation Move games that could benefit from 3D?

Read all you need to know about PlayStation Move here and enjoy the technology’s software gallery here.

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  1. indeed this sounds like a good deal! i may end up getting the Move!

  2. From what I’ve heard, the 3D isn’t very good. Sure, it looks spectacular, but I heard that you have to keep your neck straight for the 3D to work. That’s iffy with a controller, let alone motion controls.

    The idea is cool, I just don’t see it working until later on down the line.

  3. Patrick Steen March 14, 2010 @ 18:31

    I’ve heard different. As far as Super Stardust HD is concerned, I’ve heard from journalists at GDC that the 3D is better than IMAX 3D.

  4. the combination of technology like the move and 3D gaming is really an obvious move that i didn’t see until now, i can imagine playing games in 3D or with a move controller but using both would be insane. Gaming is about immersing your self in the game, world, and the PS3 seems like it would be the only one to be in level of Immersion.

  5. Moocows111111 March 14, 2010 @ 19:32

    Wouldn’t we need to buy a 3D TV ? Also I wear glasses soo when I was Watching Avatar I had to place the glasses over my glasses. If I were to play ping pong I’D by a Ping Pong table instead of a new 3D TV-.-

    Another game that could benefit from the 3D on the Move is the one game where your nurturing a pet, Making it more….. Realistic.

  6. @moocows yea basicly, but without the glasses, sony found a way to eliminate the glasses in the hd-3d equasion

  7. Jeez you guys are really aiming low… ping pong??? How about Killzone 3 in 3D, now that’s what I wanna see.

  8. @Herbman82 I agree, all this technology and it’s barely a step up from what the Wii is doing. Don’t come at me with that casual card either as if “the casuals” want to spend 450ish bucks to play ping pong when the Wii will do and do it for about half.

  9. hmm maybe it would be awesome maybe it’s not
    it would probably be good but since you’re wearing glasses it might fall donw but it’s a pretty good idea

  10. Moocows111111 March 15, 2010 @ 10:20

    “@moocows yea basicly, but without the glasses, sony found a way to eliminate the glasses in the hd-3d equasion”

    No you still need the glasses other then that they wouldn’t work. They use optical physics XD The Tv will produce 3-4 images overlapping each other and then the lens of the glasses with pull the images together so you get a 3D image.

  11. I think the reason behind this basic package of games is to draw more casual (wii) gamers into the PS atmosphere and give them some amazing eye candy to look at. Also, I think those basic games are a good way to get familiar with the 3D and motion sensitive gaming.

    Think of it like this. It’s getting us ready for games like Killzone 3, Gran Turismo 5, GOW 3 (3D) etc,,

  12. Wouldn’t make more sense to wait a bit before going forward with 3D gaming? All of this being pushed out at once seems like overkill. It certainly looks better than Wii Sports, but who’s going to want to shell out the money for a new 3D TV, a PS3, and a Move? By that point they could’ve bought several Wiis for the same price.

  13. I love the idea of this, would feel very realistic. However will cost a fortune to get a hdtv along with ps move. But i would buy this straight away if i could afford it. Thats next gen gaming for ya i believe.

  14. I am excited about this. I’m not sure if it will be all that cool now as I think the first generation of 3d TVs may need some work to be able to view 3d from all angles… and as for buying a 3d tv it’s like I don’t really know when no one is broadcasting in 3d yet. However, I remember thinking the same thing about HDTVs when they first started as well. I think the next step would be to make special playstation 3 3d glasses that have motion sensors on them so that it can capture head movements. This way, can you imagine fightnight or something? Dodging the punches that are coming right into your face? I think this really opens the doorway for great things to come. I was skeptical about how long the shelf life of the PS3 would be, but now I’m thinking that it can easily last another 5 years before a PS4 is really needed. Maybe 3d technology is going to be a little limited with just a software update as opposed to hardware, but it certainly will be fine for quite some time. I’m a little surprised we haven’t seen like a playstation phone to take advantage of the smartphone craze and make the first gaming phone that doubles as a motion controller (PSP2?). This way not only can you play in 3d, but you can also go away from your TV and still play on the screen of your phone! I think either hulu plus or netflix will have to make an announcement about creating/rendering their content so that their movies and TV shows can be broadcasted in TV before I think seriously about getting a 3d TV, but I love th eidea, and between 3d of the ps move and the 3d TV enabled games, (and also hulu plus and netflix giving additional major avenues of entertaiment) playstation 3 suddenly looks like an entire new game console! A lot of the things I think might occur for the playstation 4 ahve found a way to make their way onto the playstation 3 because of how well designed the PS3 is. The hardware is still vastly superior so why build another gaming machine instead of just updating the hardware and gameplay through software updates and playstation move and accessories?

    Looks like the next stop is PSP phone to compete with the ipod and then what? maybe PSP2 in the form of an ipad. Playstation wants to compete with apple they better be prepared to have apple enter the gaming console industry… Can you imagine that? Apple console? Is it just me or does technology suddenly seem like it’s reached a new era almost overnight? 3d TV, PS3 3d, wii motion plus followed by PS3 move and xbox 360 kinect. Iphones and google droid phone, ipads, netflix directly streaming from PS3? apps all over the place, and get ready, because the ramifications of this have not been felt yet!

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