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InFamous 2 revealed: New design, new city, new powers, new foe

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Well all our predictions are coming true one by one before we were even able to tease you with them. Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2, and now Infamous 2. Sucker Punch will be following up their first PlayStation 3 game with a sequel to the super-powered sandbox game.

The game has been revealed before Sony’s E3 press conference (what are they leaving for it?) by GameInformer magazine. It’s their cover story for their next issue, revealing Cole McGrath’s new character design. Yup, he’s had a little bit of a face-lift so it’ll be up to you to say if you like it.

That’s not all that’s changing. Sucker Punch is raising the bar higher with a new city, new powers, and a new enemy for Cole to fight against. GameInformer will be blowing out all these details in the mag’s 10-page InFamous 2 feature.


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Comments (20)

  • Paranoimia

    All these big reveals before E3… presumably there must be something fairly major coming at E3.

  • Patrick Steen

    How about a sequel to Gran Turismo 4? 😉

  • Paranoimia

    Heh – we should be so lucky! ;-p

    But seriously, I’d expect something even bigger than that! Major PS3 firmware update with new features/design? PSN+? PSP2?

  • Dreamer_Lion

    He, I like Cole’s new art (although I like his old jacket better ).

    @Patrick: Gran Turismo 6, lol.

  • TRF


  • scottspeed

    Havnt left much for e3 or have they? 😉

  • ImLastBoss

    PSP2, PS2 emualtor with PSN+, DreamCast games on PSN, PS5 details(LOL)

  • BlinkyEC

    Cole has hair ..


  • VofEscaflowne

    So will his new powers involve him being able to climb fences?

    (can’t wait, absolutely loved the first one)

  • Soulscribe

    New powers, new looking environment, new hair style. =D
    Anyone noticed how the bg looks like assassin’s creed?

  • YuN9 5E5

    Damn with all these games being revealed before E3 I’m guessing Sony has big things up their sleeves. I’m hoping for a new Syphon Filter!

  • TheJT

    The old Cole looked more kickass but I’m guessing the sequel has something about Cole traveling back in time maybe… cause this Cole is so much younger…

  • gow

    Cole was more badass without hair

  • Matayo

    The new look makes cole seem less badass, but it sort of reminds me of sly cooper (don’t ask why because i don’t really know why).

    And speaking of which, in 2007 Sucker Punch said they were making Sly 4, so what happened?

  • Dice

    The new cole looks tight. Anyways, wow…they either have something seriously big saved for e3, or…all of these things are really not being leaked on purpose, and Sonys e3 will be very boring.

  • Dice

    I’m gonna make a completely retarded guess, and go out of my way and say, there will be a legend of dragoon 2, kingdom hearts 3, or a final fantasy 7 remake announcement at e3, oh and final fantasy versus will be shown at e3. I figure that much. If I’m right you all owe me 5 dollars….

  • Dice

    I’m gonna throw in a few more guesses, Blade & soul announcement, halo franchise coming to ps3(lol), a revamped final fantasy 14 with a better battle system(lol), monster hunter 4 coming to the ps3, and another new rockstar title…lol

  • daevv

    Loved the first one! Hoping this one is not ruined with online BS.

  • Doominator99

    With the way things are going, i wouldnt be supprised if they announced resistance 3, uncharted 3 and heavy rain 2 before E3 lol

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