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Inside the Game: FIFA 10/Pint Shot Riot

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Inside the Game is a new feature here at PlayStation University that allows us to interview bands featured in certain Electronic Arts titles which also includes giving away two copies of the game and two signed albums of the band as well. Some of you who know me, know that I started this style of feature awhile ago and hopefully you look forward to seeing future installments from us as we continue to try and bring you the best content possible from around the industry — including the music that helps make the game.

This time around, I interviewed a band from Europe known as Pint Shot Riot. Some of you United Kingdom lads may have heard of these guys and admittedly, I hadn’t before this interview. However, their sound is fresh and they bring an eclectic mix of melodies to their tracklist that most other groups don’t provide on one album.

I had the opportunity to talk to one of the members of the band named Baby Dave. We discussed what it’s like living around those footy hooligans and how the band came to fruition.

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I’ve included the interview below as well as details on how to enter the giveaway.

PS University: FIFA 10 is without a doubt one of the largest titles released year in and year out. What type of exposure and reaction have you guys received as a band with your music being featured in the game? Do more people seem to FIFA 10 is without a doubt one of the largest titles released year in be recognizing your music now?

Baby Dave: We’ve noticed more interest online for sure, and we’ve had kind messages
from many different countries. I suppose when we put our album out, which
should be early next year, we will see what kind of impact it has.

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Comments (21)

  • Zippy

    Great interview, really enjoyed it! Haven’t gotten round to getting Fifa 10 yet, but loved the demo. Guess this is the right contest for me!

    The song would be “Not Thinking Straight”

  • Rokkafellah10

    Not Thinking Straight is the song

  • Nightmare26

    “Not Thinking Straight”

  • zinmaster

    Not Thinking Straight

  • Nick

    Not Thinking Straight

  • spidertrey


  • uso3

    dude this song is my fav. not thinking straight. :)

  • Tseng VII

    Not Thinking Straight

  • PS3 alex

    Not Thinking Straight
    hope i win

  • Jimmy

    The name of the song is ” Not thinking straight ”
    In all honesty, I thought the soundtrack for 2010 was disappointing.
    Not saying that this song is bad, one of the better songs on the list.

  • jaz350z

    lol, “Not Thinking Straight”

  • daevv

    Excellent interview!
    “Not Thinking Straight”

  • dishes

    Good read. Good interview. The song in FIFA 10 is “Not Thinking Straight”

  • BeckhamBender

    Not thinking straight

  • lordalucard

    heh?! what the… I must’nt be not thinking straight???

  • MyName1sMud

    Reading all of these comments is making me not think straight.

  • Skeezy132

    Not Thinking Straight was the song.

  • Leon

    Not Thinking Straight

  • Chris McQueen

    “Not Thinking Straight”

  • Epyon_1

    Not Thinking Straight

  • Aidan

    Not Thinking Straight

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