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Whatever Sony is forcing anyone to buy the …

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Comment posted Is Sony Sabotaging the PSPgo? by dirtyd89.

Whatever Sony is forcing anyone to buy the PSP Go or go all digital w/ PSP games.
You can still buy the PSP 3000 for $150.

Recent comments by dirtyd89

  • Sony believes it’s responsible for cutting edge games
    Personally I think all 1st party devs in general on either platform have been taking risks to distinguish themselves from the competition.

    Though right now I’m noticing Sony are the ones really trying to push the industry forward followed closely behind by Nintendo.
    Microsoft however from what I’m seeing is just playing it safe and aren’t willing to take risks if it means a risk of gaining no profit.

  • Rockstar scales back E3 plans
    Guarantee you both Sony and Microsoft will show off Rock Star games at their respective conferences.
    Microsoft: Show off GTA V w/ timed exclusive DLC.
    Sony: Show off Agent and L.A Noire.
  • Jaffe: Modern Warfare 2 “felt very disjointed”
    Honestly I don’t even know why Infinity Ward even bothers trying to put a single player or a co op mode in their games when clearly they suck in those areas of game development.
    I can guarantee you 95% of the people bought MW2 for the online only.
    No way in hell was MW2 a $60 value.
    $30-$40 definitely anything more then that hell no.
  • Crytek: Crysis 2 will push the PS3’s limits
    From a 3rd party perspective Crysis 2 will take PS3 to the limits but to max it Crysis 2 would need to be exclusive not multiplatform where they have to dumb it down so it can run on Xbox 360.
    Then again it’s also dumbed down on PC due to the PS3/360.
    No game platform is maxed in this regard.
  • Ninja Theory: We lost money on Heavenly Sword
    The one thing I have to disagree w/ this post is when Ninja Theory is talking about the sales figures for the consoles.
    Actually Nintendo owns 60% of the market. (Includes Wii/DS.)
    Sony owns 30% of the market. (Includes PS2/PSP/PS3.)
    Microsoft owns 10% of the market. (Xbox 360.)

    Xbox 360 only has a 4M lead on PS3. (How the f*** is that 50% of the market?)
    Nintendo Wii owns everything right now.
    PS3 is slowly catching up to Xbox 360.

    Game sales are damn near exactly the same across PS3/360 now.
    Some games sell more on certain consoles but for the most part is equal.

    Honestly I just think Ninja Theory are making excuses to justify themselves in going multiplatform.
    (Only real reason Ninja Theory doesn’t want to stay exclusive is because it’s too much work. That’s the real reason.)

    Also another reason that could contribute to lack of sales is that fact that Heavenly Sword still is $60 even though it has been out for 3 years.

    Explain that to me.

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  • PointBlank771

    Get read. BTW, when I put my pointer of words like games, upgrade, and playstation, I get an advertisement for Xbox. What gives?

  • The Dean

    Just how the advertising works. It’s nothing we can control. To be honest, it’s funny because the more you mouse over it, the more xbox is paying us to exist, lol. Nothing more ironic than that 😉

  • michael

    LOL! when i went ove playstation 3 a xbox comercial came up saying, “upgrade your ps2, get an xbox 360″ oh that makes me giggle

  • dirtyd89

    Whatever Sony is forcing anyone to buy the PSP Go or go all digital w/ PSP games.
    You can still buy the PSP 3000 for $150.

  • ME

    Well, if Sony did force 3rd parties to launch games on PSN we would getsome fanboys screaming “SOny the TYrant!!!!” So, ya, as some posted above, Sony gave you choices, its testing new grounds here, so if its worth invest in it, if not, keep the old model.

  • Brian

    If you live near a Fry’s electronics store you can get a PSP Go right now for $199.99. They have it at $50 off the next week.

  • Lordalucard

    I don’t get it man? couldn’t SCEA use the same umd transfer system that SCEE uses?
    Well I’m not worried about this since I’ve already downloaded content and have now spent £120 of psp games & LBP DLC with the wonder of trade ins

  • shampoovta

    No Camera sucks, battery life sucks, new charger slot sucks and no Solar charger so screw going green!

    I just got one but 250$ is to much for this bitter taste in my mouth.

  • froman

    ohh bad choice in using bing they are spaming 360 ads :p
    and i thing if sony thinks that they are in the lead and are the game industry leaders they could have sabotaged the go to eliminate the whole download idea and save there ass on how much they paid to make umd format and bluray

  • cjasko94

    I’ll be picking one next month. I like how they give you Media Go software so you can change what games you want in the system. Because I know it can only hold so many games, music, movies etc.

    LOL @ 360 ads.

    And with games like Socom Fire Team Bravo, MGS: Peace Walker, and Little Big Planet coming out! WOO!

  • Shinee Ninja

    i bought a pspgo the price really hurt me cause wasting all tht money but after realizing how amazing this thing is its really cool

  • Lefthandedchic

    “Anything, I mean ANYTHING to save a lil bit of mula”.

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