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Is this Max Payne 3 trailer real?

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Max Payne has always been synonymous with bullet time gameplay and a dish known as revenge. That’s one of the main reasons as to why this supposed leaked Max Payne 3 trailer would appear to be legit. While Rockstar is staying silent and not confirming its legitimacy, we’re going to include the video below thanks to Kotaku.com.

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Comments (5)

  • SackBoySnake

    Probably fake.

  • Nicholes

    fake, hope they bring back the constipated look if it is real… lol

  • Zack M

    Pretty cool effects for being fake. I guess we’ll find out soon from Rockstar.

  • Khar Ramsus

    Max is dead, I remember when max used to look cool and be a cool character, sadly that stopped with looks after MP1 and he stopped being cool ever since i heard about MP3…scum

  • Blacksite

    It could just be a teaser-trailer they were putting together to have it premiere long before the game was delayed for a 2010 release. It’s done very professionally, effects are great — it’s just sad that what we know and have seen so far of the game, through screenshots on the official site, Max Payne 3 doesn’t even look like your regular Max Payne game, lol.

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