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Japanese retailer reveals 3G PS Vita more popular amongst preorders

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In a bit of surprising news, Japanese retailer and blogger Sinobi has revealed that first-day preorders for the upcoming Vita were overwhelmingly in favor of the 3G-enabled model. So far, 65% of customers have opted for 3G, as opposed to just 35% going with the wi-fi only model.

Sinobi also revealed that 82% of all Vita preorders also included an optional memory stick, with 72% of them being the largest available 32 GB stick.

It’s interesting to see this trend, especially with 3G downloads being limited to an anemic 20 MB per download. Perhaps 3G coverage is exponentially more reliable in Japan, but I don’t see that ratio making its way to the United States with AT&T being the exclusive 3G provider for the Vita.

Source: Siliconera

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  • Reneid Klein

    Wouldn’t have guessed this at all. I wanted the top model but with crappy AT&T as well as 20MB cap, it doesn’t seem to be a smart choice to make.

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