Japanese Vita sales sag, retailers cut price on 3G model as much as 20 percent

First-week sales for the PlayStation Vita in Japan were impressive, but it seems that those that wanted one early already have one — sales for the handheld have dropped considerably, with only 72,479 units moved in its first full week of availability (December 19-25). In comparison, the Nintendo 3DS sold 210,000 units in its first full, post-launch week.

As if that weren’t a bad enough sign for Sony’s shiny new portable, here are some literal signs — retailers have been spotted slashing the price of the 3G+Wi-Fi model by as much as 20 percent.

There’s no telling what this means for other markets, but let’s hope that we won’t have to hear about an official massive price cut several months after launch.

Source: TechDigest, GamesRadar

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  1. Here’s hoping there’s a price-cut before they launch in the rest of the world!! This will be the first time that i’m not going to buy a console on day 1 of its launch…….I’ve been burned too badly by the 3DS price cut. I’ll rather wait a bit thank you.

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