John Carmack on PS3: “It’s the second-best console ever made”

In the game development field, few names come more highly praised or respected than John Carmack’s. Simply put, if he’s got something to say, you listen, and you listen good.

At QuakeCon last week Carmack spoke to Dave Oshry of RipTen, during which he was asked what he thought of the PlayStation 3. Carmack replied simply: “Well, it’s the second-best console ever made.” Naturally, this led to Oshry asking what he thought was tops: “The 360.”

When he elaborated, Carmack said that it had less to do with the PS3’s raw power, and more with the system’s dev tools.

It’s an interesting viewpoint, and the ease of development is something that’s commonly discussed by other developers. As for calling the Xbox 360 the best console ever, it’s actually something that I explored several months ago. It’s hard for me to let go of my beloved SNES or PS2, though.

Source: RipTen